A few pictures . . .

While I recoup from being sick over the weekend, I thought I’d share a few pictures with you.

This is what happens when you let your two-year-old daughter pick out what she wants to wear. The only outfit that has topped this one is when I let her wear orange and yellow striped tights with an orange “monkey shirt” to church. And yes, we did go out of the house like this.

Here’s a reason why you should ALWAYS check on your kids when you hear incessant giggling coming from the other room. The photo itself is slightly blurry, but you get the picture. Yes, her lips are blue, and she got her legs, too. And no, it didn’t all come off with the first washing.



  1. I, too, am wondering what’s wrong with it.

    It’s the ceramic pony/unicorn/donkey, right? Because everyone knows you don’t wear ceramic ponies after Groundhog Day? Or because the pony and the sheep feet clash? Because you can only wear one hoofed animal at a time?

  2. Also, I like the blue goatee in the second picture. She kinda looks like the Count Rugen (*) from The Princess Bride. πŸ™‚

    * the man with six fingers, who killed Inigo Montoya’s father and therefore must prepare for death

  3. spaghettipie

    H and M – Even though the red hat coordinates with the red and purple necklace, and the purple in the necklace coordinates with the purple in her pants, her shirt is still blue (hard to tell in the picture), and the sheep slippers? Well, as Mike points out, you just can’t carry a ceramic donkey with them!

    A – Thanks! Hmmm, it might be the coffee. πŸ™‚

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