Practice Makes Perfect . . .when?

While on an albuterol high, running around the house like a wild child, my daughter was put into time out for throwing a golf ball at my husband (she’s been told not to throw toys, especially at people).

She sat on a stool in time out while my husband and I chatted for a minute. Without thinking, he tossed a Dora figurine across the room to join a pile of toys awaiting relocation back to the playroom. My daughter happened to be sitting at a prime vantage point where she could see the whole thing. From the corner of the room, we heard a little voice saying, “No throwing Dora, Daddy! No, sir! No sir!”

We couldn’t help ourselves; we burst out giggling. I tried to stifle my laughs but that only made me laugh harder. My husband did his best to walk over and finish the time out procedure and apologize for his bad example. By then, everyone was giggling and the time out had no effect whatsoever. I know this because five minutes later she threw Dora across the room and went back to time out.

Sometime discipline is hard because we hate to punish our children or see them disobey. Sometimes it’s hard because they are just plain hilarious when they’re getting into trouble!

Photo: Snowbunny (2008) – Not taken tonight!


  1. Parenting is truly an amazing and hilarious journey. We’ve kept a mental list over the years of things that have come out of our mouths that we never would have thought we’d have to say to our children. Things like: “Don’t stick your shoelaces up your nose” and “Stop licking Josh’s car.”

    Thank God parenting is just as fun as it is hard!

  2. spaghettipie

    MR – I don’t even want to ask about the shoelaces. I’m hoping that was just a boy thing, and you weren’t saying that to one of your girls!

    H – Being a parent is the scariest and most amazing experience in my life thus far. My daughter provides us with HOURS of free entertainment.

    LM – You have to laugh sometimes or you’d go crazy, right? And I’m pretty sure God tunes into my life whenever He needs a good chuckle . . .

  3. Yeah, you guys already said it, but this anecdote got me wondering whether God is tickled when he watches us sometimes.

    And I know I’ve said it before, but that little girl is SOOOOO CUTE!!! She takes the greatest pictures!

  4. spaghettipie

    TJ – You are totally right! I just can’t help it sometimes because she is just so stinkin’ funny . . . and cute!

    C – 🙂 Thanks. And I’m glad to know that God must have a sense of humor.

    LL – 🙂

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