Blogging, the series

Okay, my friends. I am really excited about this new series on Blogging, Blog Tours, and Publicity. (and for those of you who are not excited, please don’t worry. I will be posting about other topics while this series is running!)

I had a wonderful response from my interviews and have lots of information to share with you. I’ll be posting this series over the next four weeks. On spaghettipie, I’ll post some general information, summaries of what I learned through the interviews, and resources I have found. On my blog tour blog, I’ll post the actual interviews I conducted with bloggers, publicists, alliance directors and marketing experts. Here’s a basic overview of the series. I am still waiting on a few more responses, so I’ll update the list of interviews you can read as I receive them.
Week 1: Blogging

On spaghettipie, we’ll talk about the history of blogging, why people blog, and the cost of blogging.

Over at Blog Tour Spot, you can read interviews with LL Barkat, Dillon Burroughs, Mary DeMuth, Marcus Goodyear, Randy Ingermanson, and Camy Tang.

Week 2: Blogging and Marketing

On spaghettipie, our topics will include blogging as a part of your marketing strategy and the big mistakes writers make when blogging for promotion.

Over at Blog Tour Spot, I’ll post interviews with Rob Eager of Wildfire Marketing and Marcus Goodyear.

Week 3: Publicity

Here on spaghettipie, we’ll discuss blog tours, their goals, metrics, and success.

At Blog Tour Spot, you can read interviews with Kelly Blewett (Waterbrook Press) and Liz Johnson (Multnomah Books), and Kathy Carlton Willis of Kathy Carlton Willis Communications.

Week 4: Alliances

On spaghettipie, we’ll talk about what blog alliances are, how they work, and their success.

Over on Blog Tour Spot, I’ll post interviews with Mimi Pearson (FIRST), Bonnie Calhoun (CFBA), and Rebecca Miller (CSFF).

So, I’m interested to know from you – what do you hope to learn from this series?



  1. I’m interested in talking about the balance for writers/speakers blogging in community (for fun, in other words) and for marketing (creating stellar content to woo and amaze)–or do you have to choose one or the other?
    Also, I’m with Barkat–it seems to me that the purpose of a blog tour is not to directly sell books but to start to get the word out (which eventually sells books). Does it fulfill that purpose (or another one entirely)?

  2. I’m interested in how people measure success for their blogging. Some people are interested in sales, some in community, all that kind of stuff.

    I think the jury is still out on what exactly it is that blogs do well.

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