Part I: Not the Day I Expected

After a long and busy week, my plan today was . . .

  • Get up and go the gym.
  • Swing by my MIL’s new place to let the carpet guys in.
  • Head to a meeting on the fund-raising banquet I’m coordinating.
  • Drop back by MIL’s new place to let carpet guys out.
  • Go home and grab a nutritious lunch.
  • Put my daughter down for a nap and get a little work done.
  • Have dinner with friends.

Instead . . .

  • Woke up late and skipped the gym.
  • Went by MIL’s to let carpet guys in.
  • Attended meeting – with daughter in tow – which went very well.
  • Daughter hungry, so fed her the only snack I brought with me: Cheetos.
  • Went back by MIL’s. Carpet guys not finished. Come back in 90 minutes.
  • Came home to try to print some envelopes while killing time. Printer hates me. Fed daughter half a slice of pizza.
  • Went back to MIL’s. Carpet guys had left (out the garage). Inspected carpet and concerned that part of it was messed up. Called decorator to discuss.
  • Daughter had to potty, so went to bathroom and found water in toilet unusually high. Tried to flush . . . water kept rising. Turned off water, but not in time to stop some from overflowing some.
  • Went to manager’s office and asked for help. Guys came with plunger. Didn’t work. Had to finish a project (maintenance is not really their job) and get an auger. Promised to be back in 30 minutes.
  • Entertained tired daughter in need of nap in empty condo with no toys (had not planned on being there for long!) for 45 minutes.
  • Guys return. Tried auger to no avail. Gave me the plumber’s number. (While he was at it, he gave me the phone wiring people too since the phone line wasn’t working and regular phone company checked and said it’s not their issue)
  • Called plumber. Left with daughter. Called phone wiring people. (Daughter falls asleep in car.) Turns out, they have technician on site. Turn around and drive the 15 minutes back to condo. Again.
  • Meet tech, and it’s the best experience all afternoon. Finds the problem quickly and fixes. (Phew.)
  • Run home. Meet husband. Wake up daughter. Go out to eat with friends. Order chocolate shake as consolation for bad day and daughter drinks 75% of it. Consider ordering another and then remember I didn’t make it to the gym.
  • Come home and rather than working on promised blog post, watch latest two episodes of Chuck.

So, all of those words to say, my day didn’t turn out quite like I expected.

In many ways, today is symbolic of my Detox Month experience as well. Some things have gone as planned. I’ve followed many of the items on my list and learned from focusing on them. My cabbage soup diet taught me about fasting. Turning off the television when I’m not watching it has taught me about distractions, focus, and the value of silence. But in some ways, I’m also disappointed in myself. I’ve forgotten about the fact that I wanted to slow down a little and be more reflective. I haven’t spent much time in the word or in prayer. I feel like I continue to battle the same old issues with complacency (disguised as “busy-ness”) and independence (veiled as being proactive and productive).

I’ve missed the point in all of my things “to do.” I wanted to draw closer to God by removing (or starting to remove) the toxic things in my life, but I wasn’t really changing my imprint. . .

Tune in next time for Part II: Shifting My Expectations.



  1. thewholefamlee

    I write this with much love!
    Maybe during this season of life, you might prayerfully consider putting some things (i.e. work, writing, volunteering, etc…) on hold till another season comes?

    Just a pressing thought on my mind.

  2. spaghettipie

    LM – Thanks for the validation! Overall, it was okay – just one of those days when nothing really went as planned!

    A – Thanks for your admonition, and I take it in love. I’m not sure it’s so much about all that’s going on during this season of life, but it’s always good to reflect upon to make sure.

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