Bedtime Stories

Sometimes my husband tells my daughter bedtime stories that he makes up on the fly. I love listening in on them, and although they aren’t the most cohesive, compelling stories ever, my daughter loves them. Not too long ago, she decided to tell me a story. You can definitely see her father’s influence.

Given what we’ve been talking about at church in 1 Timothy, it made me wonder – can others see my Father’s influence when I tell my story?
Here’s my daughter’s story:

Once upon a time there was a prince.
He saw a dragon.
The dragon broke the castle with his rocket.
He not being nice.
(the Dragon) He had to fix the castle.
The castle needed a band aid.



  1. Has Mr. Pie been reading mini-pie “Peter Rabbit: Tank Killer”? It was one of my favorite Beatrix Potter books growing up.

    “And what do you think the naughty young rabbits saw when they peeped out? Why it was Mr. McGregor in a MkII Tiger tank with a transversable 88mm howitzer and two forward mounted 7.62mm machine guns!

    “Be quick and fetch the Panzerfaust anti-tank gun from Tom Kitten!” whispered Benjamin. So Peter went lipperty-lipperty all the way to Tom Kitten’s house.”


  2. spaghettipie

    HG – I know, you just can’t trust a dragon with a rocket anymore.

    Mike – Okay, that totally cracks me up! I don’t think that’s been in their reading repertoire, but I do know he has read to her from Hot Cars Head to Head (which now resides on her bookshelf) and The Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch!

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