San Francisco Surprise

We’d been planning the trip since the end of November. We’d even made it through a visit over Christmas without spilling the beans. When we arrived on last Thursday evening, Steph was completely clueless as to all of our secret conversations among best friends and plotting with her husband Richard.

The three of us arrived at her house (conveniently, her husband works at the airport!), and I called her for our little phone date I strategically planned earlier in the week. I was calling a little later than our scheduled time, so I asked if it was a good time. She requested to call me back in about five minutes because Richard had just walked in the door. Agh! My friend Michelle suggested I go stick my head in the door and ask, “Is now a good time?” so I ran up the walk way to begin our series of surprises.

Being the first to surprise her was the best. I watched the realization of my presence in California – in her home – set in before my eyes. If I could put words to the expressions on her face it would be something like:

“No, I told you I’d call you back in a minute.”
“Wait, I was just talking to you on the phone. But you’re here?”
“What are you doing here? Am I dreaming?”
“Oh my goodness! You’re here in my living room!”

We had a wonderful weekend filled with the right mixture of birthday fun, girlie stuff, “a day in the life of” glimpses, tourist activities, and simply hanging out. I was sad to leave but glad to go home to my family. My daughter greeted me at the airport with lots of jumping up and down, squeals of delight, and running to me with open arms. (It’s so good to be a mom!)

Here are just a few pictures from our time.


Message in the sand.

Starfish and anenome in the tide pools.

Look closely and you’ll see the empty surfboard with the surfer in the waves to the right.


The Bridge.



  1. Oh! Those are three of my favorite things all rolled into one perfect trip:

    1. Friends
    2. Birthdays
    3. Surprises!

    What a fun trip you had! And now I realize why you hadn’t blogged about it before hand!


  2. Stephanie

    So fun! What an amazing surprise…I’m still living on the high.
    Glad you guys had fun.

    Love you lots!


  3. spaghettipie

    K – I had to stop myself from blogging about anything related to the trip – even just going out of town!

    N – Thanks for stopping by.

    S – Loads of fun. Miss you tons.

    A – It was just as good a present for us as it was for her, I think.

    MEH – You’re welcome!

  4. You make me want to go back. I’ve been thinking so much about those golden anemones (even writing about them!). And look at that gorgeous starfish!

    A beautiful gift you gave your friend.

  5. How fun! My own wife likes to pull stuff like that, but I am the worst at it, because I don’t like surprises. Did your cheeks hurt from smiling? My guess is yes.

  6. spaghettipie

    LL – Loved your picture of anemones on GIC.

    C – You don’t like surprises? That’s no fun!

    RLP – Absolutely.

    A – Of course. And glad we got to hang out, too.

    LM – Yes, it was so much fun it definitely deserves a double comment!

  7. Your pictures make me long for my old home! I just love San Francisco… What a great friend you are surprising her like that! Isn’t it wonderful to surprise someone and see the knowledge of your love for them light their whole face?

    I love that part…

    Good job everyone!!

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