A few business items

Let me deviate from my normal posts for a moment to tell you about a few “business” related items. I’ll even make it business-y by numbering my points.

1) Any blog tour related posts will now be posted only on my other blog: The Blog Tour Spot. Incidentally, you’ll find other good information there related to blog tours. I am now participating in the Non-Fiction In Rather Short Takes (Non-FIRST) alliance, and you’ll find this month’s book featured tomorrow. I am also participating in WaterBrook/Multnomah tours, and you’ll find my review and a BOOK GIVEAWAY of Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris there on Thursday. Trust me, that’s a book you want to check out.

2) Some of you may know I coordinate a blog tour here and there on the side. I have two blog tours coming up in May and June. Sherri Sand will be promoting her first book, Leave it to Chance in early May. I’m also helping Mike Delosso promote his first book, The Hunted in early June. Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer about a month ago and will undergo surgery on Wednesday (4/16). The Writer . . .  Interrupted community has come together to help Mike promote his book in the midst of this “interruption” in his life. If you are interested in participating in either of these tours, please email me (or leave me a comment) and let me know.

3) I’ve also started an additional blog (I know, I know) for summer recipes. This time of year I struggle to think of new recipes to cook that are lighter and cooler for spring/summer. Last cookbook I put together was holiday favorites. This time I’m going for summer favorites. If you’re interested in participating, send me your favorite summer recipes by the end of the month. I’ll compile them all and send you the link to the website where you can get them.

Okay, I think that’s it. Now back to regularly scheduled programming!


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