Steph’s Hydrangea

(at night)

(during the day)

I recently heard about Anna Carson’s monthly projects through my friend Jeanne. This month’s focus on green things. As we walked some friends out the door this evening, I was struck by the greenness of this hydrangea (which was all but sticks just a couple months ago). Perhaps I noticed because I’ve been looking for something green to contribute. I’m not sure the photo quite captures it. I’ll try to take a better one in the daylight tomorrow. Anyway, just my first foray into some of the photography fun I’ve been seeing others (like Craver) get into.

Oh, and I suppose I should tell the little story behind this plant. One of my very best friends gave it to me when she moved to California. I actually think I had given it to her one Christmas. Anyway, the plant was very small and had not bloomed again since I originally gave it to her. Since then, the plant has continued to outgrow pots and blooms several times a year. I like to think it just one of God’s sweet reminders of my friend and her friendship.



  1. Amy

    I just love plants, things that remind us of God’s graces. I have a plant that someone gave me during our miscarriage and it always reminds me of God’s mercy and sovereignty.
    Steph’s plant is beautiful!

  2. I took some green pics of my garden, but I probably won’t get around to posting them for a couple days.
    But you’re right–that’s seriously green! As in Kermit green. As in Lucky Charms green. As in get that guy off the ship green.

  3. Yes, a lovely reminder of friendship!

    (It is dangerous to give me a plant for such purposes… the plants always… well, they… hmmm… they get not-so-green)

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