Snapshot Saturday #1

I just got my first SLR camera, and I’ve been having fun taking pictures and figuring it out. Inspired by the fun I had with Anna Carson‘s projects and bloggy friends like Craver, I thought I would start posting a few of my favorite pictures each Saturday. Here’s the first set.

Photos: Mud Pie Maker – 2008



  1. meh

    Great pics!! D just saw them and can’t believe how big she is getting!! By the way, amused by your last couple of blogs. Interesting conversation. (: By the way, I love knowing you in real life and reading you on the internet. Keep moving forward!!

  2. These are great, Tina. I LOVE pictures– especially ones like this.
    I am also impressed by all the mud———that you are letting her play in!!

  3. spaghettipie

    MEH – Well, we have felt the same way about your kiddos!

    K – My mom was quite appalled that I let her play in the mud, but she love it, so why not?

    LL – Although I prefer to do the cuddly part separate from the mud. πŸ™‚

  4. wow! These pics are GREAT!! The first one is gorgeous. Of course, the beauty of your subject helps tremendously! It makes me wonder if I need a new camera … or maybe I’m just that bad of a photographer. πŸ™‚

  5. It was a sloooow download for me, but totally worth the wait. Your little one is way off the charts on the “cuteness” scale. Enjoy your new camera!

  6. spaghettipie

    T – Thanks! I don’t want to advocate getting new stuff just because it seems better, but having a good camera definitely makes a difference imho.

    C – Sorry it was slow, but glad you enjoyed. Don’t you worry; I’m having a blast!

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