The Kid In You – Photo Contest

Playing along with the 5 Minutes for Mom photo contest. I loved all of the mud pictures I posted before, but here’s a fresh one to enter into the contest. My 2.5-year-old daughter loves to fully experience everything she does. Whether it’s paint or mud or “cooking,” it usually ends up covering her from head to toe. When did we become more concerned with being clean and neat than enjoying and experiencing what we’re doing so fully? Living with that freedom expresses the spirit of childhood to me.

And besides, what could capture the spirit of being a child more than making mud pies?

Check out the other entries at 5 Minutes for Mom.



  1. spaghettipie

    PS – Thanks for stopping by!
    H – Yes, yes. High calling of work. I definitely meant for this post to sort of kill two birds with one stone . . .
    K – My mom was appalled I let her do it, but I think every kid needs to connect with the dirt.
    KM – Thanks! Glad you stopped by.
    A – My daughter? Intense? 🙂

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