Meme – Memoir in Six Words

Genny over at My Cup 2 Yours tagged me with a new meme: write your memoir in six words. I laughed when I read it because my husband had just told me about an article in our local paper about these exact instructions. His boss had enjoyed the idea so much, she asked everyone to bring their 6-word memoirs to the next staff meeting (tomorrow, in fact!).

Although it’s hard to condense the lessons from my life into six words, but a little phrase immediately came to mind that I think works:

The world doesn’t revolve around me.

God constantly works on my selfish heart, refining me through people and situations that remind me that I am not the center of the universe.

So there you go, short and sweet. Of course, I want to hear from everyone on this one. C’mon, it’s easy! Leave yours in the comments here, or play along with the meme (tagging and all) on your blog and let me know so I can link back to you.



  1. spaghettipie

    I like it, Mike!

    How about the rest of you? Do I actually have to tag people on this one? 🙂

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