Phrases to Preserve

Here are a few more phrases from my 2.5-year-old that I want to jot down for posterity:

  • after farting, while still giggling: Mommy, I made a joke with my bummer! (bummer = bottom)
  • Mommy, please take away my tears so I can be happy again.
  • Can I go in the front backyard with my bare feet?
  • to my in-laws, every time we leave their house: See you later, Big Boy! Bye, Big Girl! (I have no idea where that one comes from)
  • as we were leaving the church service right before praying (she refused to go to her class that morning), I whispered to her, “Let’s go to the lobby.” She replied loudly: Oh! We’re going to Hobby Lobby?

And last, but not least:

  • Mommy, girls talk a lot!


  1. The take away her tears clip reminded me of an episode of Arrested Development where Gob, crying, says to Michael, “Taste the sadness, Michael. Taste the sadness.” He shoves his face into Michaels. A few moments later, he does the same and says, “Taste the happiness.” Michael says, “It tastes a lot like sadness.”
    Oh, I love that show.

  2. How funny you want to save them for “posterity” and the first one is about “bottoms”!

    I’ve been lurking as well – great to ‘see’ you again!


  3. “A joke with my bummer…”
    I am SO gonna use that line!!!!

    Er, not for myself, you know… ’cause I… never, um… you know.

  4. Oh, I love these. I should have kept track of my kids’ great lines. Great idea.

    (Hey, thanks for the condolences on my computer. I got it back today. Sigh of contentment. : )

  5. Save these forever. Oh, you’ll want to remember them so badly when they get older and more proper in speech.

    My youngest said “ponybail tands” for years. The older two were warned against ever telling her. And then of course, she figured it out. One day she started to say it, slowed down, and got it right.

    and my heart sunk.

  6. spaghettipie

    H – My SIL gave us the first season on DVD for Christmas, and we still haven’t watched. I guess I need to break them out now.

    MR – Ha! I hadn’t even noticed.

    C – You can use the phrase for whomever you want *wink*

    LL – Glad you’re back up and running.

    RLP – Your comment reminds me of a book a friend recently shared with my mom’s group – Karen Kingsbury’s Let Me Hold You Longer. It talks about all the “lasts” that we miss celebrating. I definitely want to hold onto these funny sayings forever.

  7. First of all, Heather’s comment cracks me up. I love that show too!!! Now that all our seasonal tv has ended, we’re back to our annual Arrested Development marathon.

    Anywho, my daughter once said she had a trumpet in her bottom. Her grandfather responded that he has the same problem only his is a tuba.

    Oh, and I love the Big Boy/Big Girl thing. Isabel always calls me Big Mama because she is the Little Mama. I kind of hope it sticks. It’s a nice alternative to “Grandma.” 🙂

  8. I forgot to comment on one of your comments. :p I’ve not read Kingsbury’s “Let Me Hold You Longer”, but she does have a very moving poem in “Return” (part of the Baxter series “Redemption”) that speaks of celebrating lasts as much as firsts. If we only knew when those lasts were, I’m sure we would catalog them with greater passion than the firsts.

  9. Just to be all informative, Arrested Development is available, legally, online I’m pretty sure all three seasons are there.

    Great show. Love the sadness/hapiness tasting. The one that always gets me though is Tobias’s business card when he was the world’s first analyst/therapist.

    Mna, I just cracked myself up thinking about that one.

    Sorry for the digression. M’s saying are equally cute and funny!

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