I’m too old for this.

Would someone please remind me that in the future I need to be a better planner so that I don’t a) overbook myself in a two week period and b) save everything to do for said overbooked two weeks in one evening? My body cannot handle only getting 1.5 hour of sleep like it used to!

On a funny side note: I was in the car with my family a few nights ago, returning home after a long evening. Here’s a snippet of our conversation:

Me – “Man, I am T-I-R-E-D!”

(an immediate response from the backseat): Sleepy!

Yes, she’s a spelling bee champ AND a human thesaurus. 🙂

Anyway, when the fog on my brain lifts, I’ll be back with a couple posts about my weekend and some thoughts on fatherhood. While I’m taking a nap, you might want to check out these interesting posts.

Alyssa’s letter to The Father on Father’s Day.

Jeanne’s touching post about God who listens

Kellie’s funny tale of her Manic Monday.

Or this video.

(Seth Godin has some advertising comments to make here.)

So, a show of hands in the comments: how many people watched the video twice? how many of you missed “it” again even thought you’ve seen this video before?



  1. spaghettipie

    LM – 🙂 I know what happens and still have to pay attention.

    K – I am SO in denial about that. In fact, I’ve had a post brewing in my head about it.

    H – Yup. It still amazes me that I could’ve missed it the first time.

    A – Absolutely. I hadn’t commented yet, but I really appreciated the post.

    G – Summer? What does that mean besides being hot?

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