Snapshot Saturday #8

(updated with a few more photos)

I’ve been spending the last two Saturdays (today will be the third) shooting weddings (as the second camera) with my friend Rhonda, (who’s the professional). Here are a few of my favorites from last week’s wedding (the first one is on my external hard drive; I’ll have to post those later.) It’s so hard to choose from the hundreds that I took!

For some reason, I loved this one of the bride holding her dress up.

Bride holding dress up

I’ve realized I have a thing for taking pictures of feet (nice feet, usually in shoes). I liked this one of the groomsmen.

Groomsmen Feet

Here’s one of the bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony.

Another of the bride and groom during their formals. (You’ll notice the ones I’m choosing to post are the more non-traditional type shots.)

The dance – all artsy and stuff.

Last one, seriously. But I had to add one that included the cake!

I’m curious – when you look back on your wedding photos, what are the characteristics of your favorite ones?


  1. Those are awesome. I had no idea that photography was more than just a “hobby” for you. You are amazing!

    As far as my fave wedding photos, I like the more candid ones for sure: When I am interacting with a friend, or having a conversation with a guest.

    Oh, and I am glad you clarified the feet thing…unless your feet look like a babies feet that I might want to kiss on, then usually I don’t want to see ’em! But your grooms-feet shot is pretty neat!

  2. I like the groomsmen’s feet photo too. My fave from my own wedding? One where I’m sticking out my tongue from having to stand waiting in those uncomfortable shoes. Quite candid! And offbeat. See, it all does come back to feet, doesn’t it?

  3. spaghettipie

    K and AMM – Feet ARE an important part of the ceremony, aren’t they?

    K – Thanks for the kudos. I really got pulled into the “professional” (I use that loosely, as it refers to me!) stuff because of my friend. It’s just a lot of fun to go to a wedding and let my creativity run wild. I’m all about those candids, too!

    AMM – That’s hilarious. You’ll have to post it sometime! Maybe we’ll have to do a little favorite wedding photo roundup sometime soon.

  4. My wedding was a fiasco! I really need to post the story sometime on my blog. The photographer was horrible, the florist confused, the caterer stuck in a 6′ snow drift and the getaway vehicle a snowplow. This was all after the pneumonia outbreak and a family death just days before the wedding. Oh, and did I mention the fire during the ceremony? 🙂 It was a great day!! I love remembering it. But pictures … well, this was ten years ago in the midwest, so artsy photos, which tend to be my favorite, were not part of the deal. There is one, though, that my sister took of me sitting on the floor in my dress watching my groom get his solo pics taken. I’m nearly swallowed in the poof of my skirt but looking up at him with pure adoration. It’s cute.

  5. Love all the pictures you took– with all the opportunity, you are just going to get better and better!
    All the outside pictures were my favorite of my wedding/wedding party. The one with my Dad right before we opened the church doors to walk in is special.

  6. spaghettipie

    T – Oh my! That’s definitely great fodder for a novel . . .

    K – Time with Dad right before the aisle is almost always such a tender and sweet moment!

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