Snapshot Saturday #9

Here are a handful of my favorites from the last wedding we shot in June. (If you’re wondering why I’m shooting weddings, read here.)

The now-obligatory groomsmen’s feet. I’m also entering this as my first photo in Project Black. (Anna, I know that I’m not supposed to turn the pictures into black and white, but the groomsmen’s pants were in fact black, I promise! Please forgive 🙂 )

A cool pose my professional photographer friend Rhonda set up of the happy couple. I just took an abstract view.

The hands of the married couple.

Beautiful flowers. This is actually the cake table after they took the cake away.

Of course, the cake.

And lastly, a forgotten bridesmaid’s bouquet at the end of the wedding.



  1. All nice shots. My favorite is the black and white of all those nice shiny shoes. The table with the flowers/petals is particularly lovely too.

  2. All shots are stunning! But I too love the feet! I think of lots of captions like “Waiting for the train” (pun intended!)

  3. beautiful shots. the groom and his men and all their feet – I love that one.

    and the angle on the cake was lovely

    they’re all great.

  4. The cake photo is my favorite…love the angles, the elegantly bumpy frosting, the black cake, and the beautiful pink roses…a great composition.

  5. spaghettipie

    Thanks everyone! You’re all so kind.

    I particularly liked the groomsmen’s feet, too. I started out taking them because it was a joke between myself and my friend Rhonda. Now, it’s become something I’ll have to always take. 🙂

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