Life Motto

We’re on the same team.

This one little phrase returns to me over and over again, through different situations and different struggles. I want to share with you what it’s meant to me this week, but first, I’m curious.

Without any explanation from me, what does the phrase mean to you?



  1. I think of my marriage. We’re partners, on the same team.

    I also think of expressions of Christianity that are different from my own. We may not agree on everything, but essentially, we’re on the same team.

  2. I think of a reprimand. Usually this phrase is stated as a reality check for one or more members of the group. It’s a reminder that we’re supposed to be headed in the same direction toward the same goal. Someone (or more than someone) has forgotten that goal and is causing strife and dissention. Usually the problem stems from focus. We focus on our teammates and their faults or we compare ourselves to other teams. However the focus is skewed, we’ve lost sight of our goal. Thus the need for the reminder.

  3. I think about the relationship with my husband and kids.

    As a family (from the time the kids could speak and reason) we have talked about our need for them to be honest with us in every situation. That we are always “on their team”, which requires communication and honesty, hard work and fun; it’s a tangible was to explain that we will always be their advocate and helpers, even in times of trouble!

    This concept helped us in the very early years of marriage, and now that my kids play in organized sports and see how (good) teams really function, it has helped them as well.

    Looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this.

  4. My thinking is along the same lines as Tanya.

    We ought to be striving together towards a common goal, rather than striving against one another. It’s a plea to restore unity.

  5. I think of a group of people, all different with their own thoughts, ideas, skills, gifts, roles, quirks, etc. working toward a common goal in which they all have a stake. It’s people coming together and accepting that they won’t look alike, act alike, or maybe even like each other all the time, but they lay aside the things that separate them for a moment to become “one” and achieve the goal that they each find valuable. It’s the hardest thing to say to someone else because as much as you are reminding them you’re working toward the same goal, you’re also reminding yourself.

  6. spaghettipie

    Oh, I love all of your insight! I’m going to have to go back and read through them all again very carefully.

    LM – My first introduction to the phrase was related to marriage (post now up).
    T – Sometimes I do think of it as a reprimand. I can hear the coach saying it now . . .
    K – We haven’t gotten there as a whole family, yet, but I can definitely see it returning to me as it relates to our family!
    C – Oh, you’ve definitely touched on my heart with the point toward unity.
    MG – I totally agree about competition. And how easily we can fall into that trap!
    G – I think as a church it’s really important for us to remember that.
    K – Oh, great follow up! I think you just described the church. Many parts, one body . . .

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