On Awards and Memes

Some days I click my blog stats over and over to see how many people have visited. As if anyone new is visiting my blog at 2am or within the last 30 seconds that elapsed since I last checked. I’m pathetic that way. I seek comfort and validation in the numbers because when it comes to blogging, sometimes I don’t know where else to find it. (I already determined number of visits was a much more fulfilling number than number of comments!)

So when two people in one week say amazingly kind and encouraging words about my blog, I’m overwhelmed and utterly flattered. And almost ashamed of my number dependencies.

Dan King bestowed an award in excellence for demonstrating a passion for God and a love for his creation:

Yikes! I’m not sure I really do all that well in those areas; I feel like I talk more about my struggle with them. But I appreciate the encouragement, Dan, and I will press on! As requested, I will also pass along the award to a couple people that come to mind.

  • Kellie over at La Vida Dulce – Kellie, I’m bestowing this award on you because you’re an amazing gal AND because of your diligence to post on those True-isms.
  • Ben at One Glory – Ben, I’m including you because your pursuit of God through his Word encourages me to dig deeper. Thanks for sharing your insight both in writing and speaking.
  • Genny at MyCup2Yours – Genny, we’re new blogging friends, but I love the insight and wisdom you share from your every day events (like laundry and flying stuffed animals).

Wear your badge proudly on your blogs, friends! And if you want to pass it along, please do.

Secondly, Tanya Dennis tagged me in a meme in which you tag bloggers who make your day, make you laugh and smile, and/or leave uplifting comments on your blog. As Tanya mentions, we do have a lot in common but she is definitely wrong in that I am not more intellectual than she is! Another way in which we are similar is that we read a crazy, over-the-top number of blogs. So here are just a couple I will point your way.

  • Bluebonnet in the Snow – She is so faithful to leave me comments, and they are always encouraging! I appreciate the insight she shares on her blog.
  • LL Barkat – LL is the queen of leaving uplifting and insightful comments. I also really enjoy her sense of humor.
  • Llama Momma – Llama Momma has been a bloggy friend since the beginning of my little blogging life. She makes me laugh, oh, she makes me laugh! And she also has wonderful insights to share.

Consider yourselves tagged. LL, I’m anxiously awaiting how you will put your own spin on this one, since there’s really only one rule to break! 🙂

For those of you I did not name, please do not take it personally. I love all the blogs I read – or else I wouldn’t be subscribing to you!

If anyone else wants to share in the comments blogs that fit either of these categories, I’d love to hear about them (not that I really need to add anything else into Google Reader).



  1. spaghetti…
    I love how humble you are about being recognized like this. It is that humility and how you share your heart on this blog that made me want to select you for this. I appreciate the work that you do here, and I always enjoy coming by to check out what you have going on.

    I’ve also checked out the blogs that you have selected for this honor, and I love them all! They all seem to be very deserving as well!

    God bless you in all that you do!

  2. Thank you so much for this award! I can’t wait to post about it and give one out his week!

    Also, in the pursuit of Truth, (and because misery loves company!) I am constantly checking my blog numbers too… 😉

    Thanks again for the award and the kind words! They mean A LOT more than numbers!

  3. See how out of it I am . I have no idea what you are doing!! But it seems there is a congratulations to be said! Maybe I will figure it out as I keep reading! I will say one thing, you are so gifted in so many areas that blogging would be way down on my list for you. Amazing at blogging but wonderful at so many other things too. All who call you friend are blessed.

  4. spaghettipie

    D – Thanks for the award and your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoy the other blogs as well!

    H & A – 🙂

    K – Oh, those blog numbers still get me. And I love reading your blog so the award was a no-brainer.

    G – Absolutely. I love getting my cup each day over at your place. One day, we’ll really have to share a cup of coffee.

    K – You are too funny. And way to generous with your flattery. I’m blessed to call YOU friend!

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