The newest member of our family

Meet Buddy. I bought him for my daughter, but turns out it was really for myself. I love to watch him and feed him fruit flies. (Funny how we used to have fruit flies everywhere, but now they are no where to be found . . .) Buddy is brighter colored, more purple and definitely happier now than when I first took this picture. And if anyone can offer tips on how to take a picture through a fish bowl, I am all ears!

Here’s a recent conversation between my daughter and her grandfather.

Me: Show grampa your new fish!
My daughter: Grampa, see my fish? His name is buddy.
Grampa: Oh, he’s pretty!
My daughter: He’s not a girl; he’s a boy.
Grampa: Oh, then he’s handsome.
My daughter: Grampa, he doesn’t have hands. He has flippers



  1. heatheragoodman

    We have six fish, and they are so entertaining. And they don’t wait you up at night because they have to go out.

  2. spaghettipie

    A – I didn’t even realize that she knew the difference.

    K – His coloring is much prettier, er, more handsome, now . . .

    M – Now that’s a fun word, flippersome. I’ll definitely check out the link; thanks!

    K – Secretly, it was as much for me as it was for her.

    LL – Oh, I can see how you thought he was a snake. He does look a little snakey. I’ll work on getting a better pic. 🙂

    C – Can’t wait to see your pics. It’s a male beta fish. I’m thinking about getting myself, I mean, my daughter, an aquarium for her birthday.

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