Doing Sabbath . . . for real

I felt the nudge of the Spirit this Sunday as my pastor preached on the need for Sabbath, or a “Stop Day.” Actually, it was more like a big whack on the head. I guess that’s what needed to happen since he’s been oh-so-gently nudging me for about three years regarding this topic.

It all started with a post I read on one of Mary DeMuth’s blogs; that’s when I realized that an actual 24-hour day of rest each week could actually be implemented. Add a couple books, Bible study discussions, individual conversations, and other blog posts on top of that, and you can see why I have to finally be whacked on the head.

Almost anyone who knows me can tell you I’m a busy girl. I never have less than two major projects going on at one time. I’ve literally told people my motto is “better busy than bored”. The thought of implementing a Sabbath is scary to me because it requires me to separate myself from my to-do lists. 24 hours of “not getting anything done” puts me 24 hours behind in getting things done! (Yes, I totally see the control issues here!)

The idea of Sabbath sounds refreshing to me, and the spiritual and physical reasons are compelling. I’ve put off implementing any form of Sabbath because I “needed time” to figure out what that looks like for us as a family. After Sunday’s sermon, I felt convicted to stop procrastinating and just go for it.

So this Saturday at 3pm we are going to observe our first Sabbath! I’m really excited about it, and I’m still not sure how it’s going to work. I’ve realized that that’s no reason to NOT do it. God doesn’t require us to observe Sabbath perfectly; he desires for us simply to seek rest.

So anyone want to share their Sabbath experiences?

Here are a few thoughts on Sabbath from friends:

Andrea – Busyness – Make it go away

Ted – Pursuing Rest in God



  1. phenomenalshe

    I use to have an issue with this as well ;-), keeping the sabbath day just as it is meant. My mom would say something every Sunday to me because one of the things (of probably many) I found myself washing after church. She would always say God is only asking for a few hours of your time in church on Sunday and a day of rest, why couldn’t you wash the night before. No matter how many ways I tried to rationalize what I was doing, it hit me that yeah I could actually get up on Saturday mornings instead of trying to sleep in and start washing, maybe even put a load or two in the wash before I went to bed on Friday.

    Needless to say I’m still a work in progress yet when I catch myself I’ll put off anything that’s not resting for my other 6-days of the week. When I do my body is refreshed and my mind is ready. That down time to just be with God is awesome; I even started taking naps (unintentionally). The body just gets the rest it doesn’t get during the other 6 days and your spirit gets refueled as well. Now I look forward to my Sunday’s as a day of nothing to do but rest and actually found myself getting out of whack if I try to schedule anything but rest on that day.

    Stay Blessed! 😀

  2. I am SO GRATEFUL for God’s plan of a rest day – it’s something I look forward to all week long!

    I love Isaiah 58 as an inspiration of how to spend the day, though admittedly I fall far short of it most of the time.

  3. I feel the same way you do, if I rest for 24 hours, I will be so behind when I come out of it. For now, I try to watch the things I do on Sunday’s, I make family meals a priority on Sunday and try to be emotionally present during our times together on Sunday, not thinking of everything else I could be doing.

  4. Andrea

    Hope it went well and hope you get the much needed rest you need this week – how bout a “stop week”?!

  5. Our mutual friend, Krista, gave me a book by Carol Brazo called No Ordinary Home. She discusses celebrating the Sabbath at length. I, too, was convicted to start this as a family ‘tradition’. My son calls it our special family night. What a great opportunity to relax, visit, focus, and truly think about God and what He would have for me and my family. I look forward to hearing about your first Sabbath celebration.

  6. Krista

    (Tried to leave this comment yesterday and couldn’t– a bit redundant after Dondra’s) We got our plan from No Ordinary Home by Carol Brazo– house ready, great dinner complete with candles and dessert, devotion ending with prayers from Jeff for each of us. Like you, we start on Saturday so we have some time Sunday night to plan for the week. It is definitely the most highly anticipated time of the week by my kids and a WELCOME respite for Jeff and me.

  7. spaghettipie

    Wow! I really appreciate everyone’s comments on this. I’ll keep posting about our Sabbath experiences as we go.

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