Lessons from the Sabbath

After hearing the sermon last Sunday, I felt convicted to implement a Sabbath rest in our home without delay. I had procrastinated for too long, using the excuse of needing to “figure it all out” before we tried it. Let me tell you, it was hard for me to just jump into it and be okay with everything not working perfectly! I can’t say that I felt any different, any more rested, or any more focused on God as a result of this Sabbath-day observance. But I did learn a couple things:

Implementing Sabbath does not have to look like the “perfect” Sabbath every time. Sometimes things come up, and you have to address them. The stress of things going just right can rob me of the entire point of Sabbath. Ultimately I have to remember Sabbath is not about me (a more rested and refreshed me), although certainly there are tangible benefits I receive. It’s about honoring God, trusting him, and re-centering my life on him.

Secondly, honoring the Sabbath does require a little more planning during my week. I had a meeting after church and event I was planning on Sunday afternoon, and I should have better prepared for those things ahead of time. As a result, a few last minute details crept into our designated Sabbath time.

Overall, it was a good learning experience. I look forward to continue refining what observing Sabbath looks like in our home.

What did you do this past week to find some Sabbath rest (or as my pastor says, “Stop Day”), even if it wasn’t a full 24 hours?



  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about planning for Sabbath. My past few Stop Days have looked more like an intentional time of focusing on God. This weekend, though, my mom was in town, which meant that I didn’t get all my chores done on Saturday. I slipped back into my old habits and did them during my Stop Day, flustering me. I’ll try to plan better for this next Stop Day, if only I can pull myself away from the Olympics long enough to do so.

  2. karla

    Hey there! Cool topic. I don’t mean to read more meaning than is intended into your (Alyssa’s and spaghettipie’s) worries over “getting it right” but I’m reminded of a passage to the effect of “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” And the son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath, not man’s (or MY) rules, however well-intentioned. Don’t sweat the small stuff! I think the main thing is not to get hung up on getting it right, but rather to give ourselves a BREAK, literally and psychologically. (this from one who could stand to practice what she preaches a bit more faithfully! Could use a little Sabbath time for myself and my relationship with God, and the fellow human friends and family he has planted me around. It’s all a work in progress though. That’s all it ever can be.) (nice blog, by the way!)

  3. Brandon

    I love discussions about the Sabbath, because its the only commandment dealing with time. Relationship with someone grows in the garden of time. This is how it is with God. The seventh day is the only day God declared “holy” and “sanctified”. This was solely so we wouldn’t forget to spend time with Him, thus it began with the word “remember”. Check out for some tips on how to get the most from our special time with God, our Creator.

  4. Krista

    You and I both know what our Sabbaths were like last week!
    We put the priority on Saturday– the prep and the meal together. It is WONDERFUL when we get the rest of Sunday, but sometimes in ministry, your Sabbath looks different and that’s okay.

  5. spaghettipie

    A – It’s hard, isn’t it? I will have to balance preparing for Sabbath with over-preparing for Sabbath. . .
    K – Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely agree about not sweating the small stuff. But sometimes that’s hard!
    RLP – I love that you and Brandon point out that it is a command. We so often view it as optional, but that’s actually living outside of God’s design for our lives!
    Brandon – I’ll check out that site – thanks!
    K – Prioritizing Saturday is definitely what we will have to do!

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