Just your standard proud parent

Just call me your standard proud parent, but I think my daughter is the cutest kid in the world. Not only is she gorgeous (IMHO), but she totally cracks me up all the time.

Here are some favorite phrases and conversations from our trip:

during the moment of surprise, and the first thing she says to her grandmother: “Hi Grand! Surprise! I’m coooooold.”

after walking, oh, a few feet, to her father: “I’m done.” Dad: “Done with what?” Her: “I’m done walking. Hold me.”

to her grandmother: “Grand, are you old or are you new?”

to her grandmother while holding a stick: “Grand, c’mon! Let’s yimbo, girl!” (yimbo=limbo . . .and I have NO IDEA where she even learned about limboing)

And of course feeding the seagulls “seagull salad” (shredded grass, weeds, and sometimes seaweed), jumping over sharks in the living room which seem to reside in all of the non-carpeted areas, and becoming “best friends” with her grandmother’s cat. Not to mention the plethora of names she insists on being called – from Andy (from Toy Story) to Baby Cat.

Here are a few pictures of her – because what proud parent wouldn’t whip a few of those out?

This is when she insisted upon being called “Slofie”. She was hanging onto the porch railing, and her grandmother called her a little sloth. I’m pretty sure the rest of the day she was Slofie.

This one is because I claimed she was gorgeous, and I wanted to prove it to you.

For a child who insists that everyone in the car wears their seatbelt and who always wants her “seatbelt” on if one is present (in a stroller, a booster seat, grocery cart . . .), she is very brave and has a high risk tolerance. She gets it from her dad, not me. This is her jumping off the top step of the front porch.



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