Jessie’s Girl is classic rock?

My daughter and I spent the day off the island yesterday, and had a wonderful time together. We took the 10am boat to the harbor where my mom’s car is parked. After an unsuccessful trip to the Southwest Harbor Oceanarium (which is temporarily closed and combined with the Bar Harbor Oceanarium, just so you know), we decided to go to the other one. Bar Harbor was a few harbors away, and we had to drive around Acadia National Park to get there. As we zipped through the gorgeous mountains, sparkling blue lakes, and had glimpses of the immense Atlantic Ocean, I flipped back and forth between a couple classic rock stations on the radio. Nevermind that I was driving a mini-van with a toddler chattering in the back.

By the time we reached Bar Harbor, it was lunchtime so we stopped for lunch at a little restaurant before continuing on our journey.

I choose the word journey here because that’s truly what it turned out to be. With no map and only the knowledge that the Oceanarium was on Route 3 near Bar Harbor, we set out. . . for the next two hours.

Occasionally from the backseat my little co-pilot would say, “Mommy, where are we going?”

To which I would reply, “Honey, I’m trying to find the Oceanarium.”

(read with a whiny voice) “Oh, I want to go to the Oceanarium! I want to see sting rays!”

“I don’t think they have sting rays there. And please don’t whine.”

“I want to go to the Oceanaaaaaarium.”

“Yes, I know! I’d like to go there, too. But I CAN’T FIND IT!”

And then Rick Springfield comes on the classic rock station wishing he had Jessie’s girl. I am momentarily distracted. Didn’t I grow up listening to Rick Springfield? When did this become classic rock?? Led Zepplin: classic rock. Rolling Stones: classic rock. Clapton, Eagles, Beatles: all classic rock to me. But Rick Springfield?

Thoughts from any of you music lovers?

And yes, we did finally find the Oceanarium. My daughter held everything in the touch tank there – from sea urchins to starfish to clams. The rest of our group – all adults – weren’t interested in touching anything. When do we lose are sense of exploration? Oh wait, that’s probably for another post . . .



  1. What!?
    This is almost as bad as seeing the JCPenney’s “remake” of Breakfast Club.
    Or watching gymnasts that are technically young enough to be your kids (although I would’ve started really early for that to be actually true).
    Or seeing New Kids on the Block come back.

  2. meh

    And amazingly, D and I remember all the words to the songs. My oldest also knows alot of the words. Apparently it is the cool thing at his school right now to listen to 80’s music.

  3. Just wait till we’re in the old folks home requesting that the assistants put on “Hungry Like the Wolf” and talking about how in our day we didn’t have laser implanted subcutaneous music modules connected to the global music node, but CDs and things called LPs and Cassette Tapes. And we liked it that way! Also, how back then Saturday Night Live was funny. πŸ™‚

    Heather, the first time I saw that JC Penny ad I thought maybe someone was remaking the classic John Hughes movie. And I got both excited and dismayed, how could it be as awesome as the original. And would then then go on to recreate the other 80s classics? Would we see a remake of Better Off Dead, or 16 Candles, or Pretty In Pink? But no, they’d just co-opted it to sell clothes to our kids.

    Meh, when was it _not_ cool to listen to 80s music πŸ™‚

  4. spaghettipie

    H – I know, I know, right? O-o-o-o-oh! Hangin’ tough! Oops, sorry. Did that slip out?

    TJ – Agh! I mean, I know that screeching in just over 30 is not old, but come on . . .

    MEH – Okay first of all, your son cannot be that old, so I need you to stop making up stories about him driving and being in high school and stuff. He has to be just the way I remember him when you moved . . . how many years ago now? Agh! And I’m with Mike – hasn’t it always been cool to listen to 80s music? Or am I just that uncool that I thought so?

    Mike – You completely crack me up. And yes – SNL was funny back then, wasn’t it?

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