Snapshot Saturday #12

Here are a handful of flora and fauna pics. Sorry there are so many; I had a hard time choosing! I’ll make them a little smaller than normal. You can click on them if you want to see the larger photo.

Wild roses grow everywhere around here. I really wanted to dry some rose hips for tea and cook with them, but it just hasn’t quite been time to harvest them.

Goldenrod is everywhere as well. Fortunately it has not seemed to bother mine or my daughter’s allergies at all.

I’m not sure what this purple flower is, but I thought it was pretty. Any botanists out there?

And of course, you can’t forget the wild blueberries. It’s still blueberry season, so we picked and ate some while we were on Cadillac Mountain.

I snapped this beautiful web right off our front porch on a foggy day.

And, of course, a baby sea gull.



  1. spaghettipie

    MED – If you’re serious, email me. 🙂

    K – Ooooh, those blueberries made us very happy too! My husband and daughter were amazed that you could just pick them while you were walking around and eat them!

    M – Thanks! I really liked it too. It’s such an amazing thing those spiders do!

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