The beginning of the next 15 years . . .

Your lunch stands ready.
Your backpack awaits.
I watch the clock,
Don’t wanna be late.

I observe you quietly.
When do you grow?
Just three short years,
And now off you go.

Little fingers gripping,
Feeling all that’s new.
Now creativity’s able
To freely flow right through.

Little feet that only
Kicked in the air,
Now jump and dance
Without a care.

Little face I watched
For even the slightest smile
Now makes faces and giggles
And chatters on quite a while!

The time has come.
The last second slips away.
I steal a kiss, then gently wake:

Wake up, honey. It’s time to get up.

Today’s your first day.

Photo caption: Me – What do you think you’ll do at school today? Daughter – I might make a funny face for my teacher . . .



  1. This is precious. Today was Ellie’s first day too. Zach would LOVE to be starting, but our school requires they be fully potty-trained first. Oh, this boy … maybe we’ll get him in after Christmas. πŸ™‚

  2. Too cool! My little Samuel just started Kindergarten this year, but after two years of preshcool (K3 and K4), he is now being homeschooled by my wife.

    what an awesome poem about the event though!

  3. spaghettipie

    All – Thanks so much for your kind words and your tolerance of my mediocre poetry! πŸ™‚

    The day went very well. She didn’t cry when we dropped her off. And when I picked her up, her teachers said she did great all day, and that you’d never know she’d never been to school or mother’s day out before. I pulled her little report sheet out of her folder on the way home and was so pleased to read: “What a joy! She is such a good girl – a great friend to everyone and a wonderful helper, too.”

    I was sad to drop her off in tears today. Not everyone goes three days a week, so she was combined into a different classroom with different teachers. But I know she was probably fine by the time I walked out of the building. I’m just glad she didn’t do that yesterday!

  4. Sars

    It’s official–I can no longer read your blog. Not if your going to rip my heart straight out of my chest like that! Although if its going to be ripped out, at least it was a nice little poem you used to do it.

  5. spaghettipie

    S – Oh, please come back! I promise to post about non-sappy things . . . for a little bit. πŸ™‚

    G – No problem. Glad you stopped by, and I completely understand the feeling!

    K – Robert Louis Stevenson? Do you mean the poem? HA! That was 30 minutes of poor rhyming after I took her to school and had to sit in an empty, quiet house πŸ™‚

  6. Joel

    Tina, I just wanted to say that this post is your best writing thus far!! (at least, of what I’ve read on your blog) God has definitely given you great gifts. Thanks for sharing them with us! Keep up the really great work.

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