For Better Or Worse

One thing I love about my friend LL is that she is a total meme rule breaker. Oh, that and she wrote a wonderful book called Stone Crossings (which I have been meaning to post about for ages! It’s coming, LL, I promise!). Um, and she writes an incredible blog (which is how I “met” her). And, well, because I love how she can take anything she’s reading or that’s going on in her life, express it on her blog, and draw her readers closer to Christ. And . . . well, you get the picture. I like her for a lot of reasons.

So LL the meme rule breaker made up her very own meme and tagged me in it. I actually like it, and don’t plan to break any rules.

Here are the rules:
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post (I’m not so much interested in generating links, but rather in tracking the meme so I can perhaps do a summary post later on that looks at patterns and interesting discoveries.)
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

1) Relationships (positive). I can’t even tell you how many friends I have made through blogging. Friends who spur me on toward Christ, who challenge my thinking, who encourage me, who share life with me. I’m amazed at how well I feel I know some of you, even though we have never met face to face. And I love reading the blogs of my other friends (some whom I see regularly, some with whom I’ve recently reconnected, some who have moved). Reading their blogs (and them reading mine) adds a special dimension to our relationship.

2) Connecting (positive). This is somewhat related to #1, but a little more about me. I had a friend tell me once that she realized that as a part of being my friend (face to face) required her to read my blog. Not that I have ever imposed that on any of my friends, but because she realized it is another part of who I am. You’re missing a piece of the real, complete me if you don’t read my blog. Not because I withhold information, but because blogging captures a snapshot of what is going on inside of my head in a given moment. Sometimes it’s a topic that I’ve been thinking about for a while; other times it’s what’s up there at the instance I write it down. I process a lot as I write, so you get a glimpse at that part of me too. All of that allows us to connect on a deeper and different level.

3) Time (negative). I have 305 blog posts sitting in my Google Reader waiting on me to read them. Granted, I’ve been avoiding them for the past couple days because the number overwhelms me. But I don’t even read all of the wonderful blogs I would like to read, and I feel really guilty for not commenting as much as I would like. I usually can’t pass by my computer without checking to see if I have any new comments or how the stats have changed. I am tempted to spend a lot of time at my computer. My fear is that when my daughter pictures me in her head, she sees me behind a laptop. I’m working on finding the balance between blogging and the rest of my life.

4) Business (positive). I coordinated a blog tour for my friend Mary last year. I had no idea what I was doing, but embarked upon the task because I wanted to help out my friend and because I was fascinated by the use of social media and some studies that my friend Marcus had done. Since then, I have coordinated (or have scheduled) nine more. I’ve connected with so many wonderful authors, bloggers, and publicists that I would never have met otherwise. And I can allow blogging to help my family financially, even if in a small way. I even have my own website.

5) Writing (positive). Blogging has helped hone my own writing. It provides me with an accountability to actual sit down and write. I have to learn to be succinct and intentional. And it reminds me that my words affect others, so I need to chose them wisely. I’ve also learned a lot about the craft through other people’s blogs. And without writing, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate in The High Calling either.

Okay, I’d love to hear from Bluebonnet, Genny, Marcus, Dan, Lllama Momma, BJ and Heather.


  1. Loved reading these!

    I hadn’t considered number 2 for myself, but it is as you say… face-to-face friends who read my blog have an opportunity to really know more of me. Which raises an interesting question about why one of my friends has actually refused to do so and why some decided they won’t miss a single post.

    And on the computer thing. Did I ever tell you how I first understood I needed to curb my computer time? My daughter and I did a visual interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount. Her version included, at the base of the mountain (the things we need to leave behind)… uh oh… a computer with a cup of tea next to it! Well, that was the beginning of me spending less time in the blogosphere.

  2. Oops. Sorry I forgot to link to this. I’ve been tracking the links through Technorati and Google alerts, but some slip by. Funny, ’cause I came over commented right away when you mentioned you’d posted! (Okay, I’ve got systems issues. : )

  3. I’m back. : ) Now I remember what happened. I figured you were already linked to in the I Tag You section, but obviously that doesn’t link to the exact post. Now I linked to this actual post. Thanks for participating.

  4. OK, now I look like a stalker. This is my second comment in, like, five minutes. But I couldn’t resist commenting about this. You wrote:

    “My fear is that when my daughter pictures me in her head, she sees me behind a laptop. I’m working on finding the balance between blogging and the rest of my life.”

    Um, yeah. Had that thought go through my mind today. Am now feeling sudden urge to play Polly Pockets.

    Thanks for the reality check.

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