You know you’re addicted when . . .

This one goes out to all my fellow coffee lovers out there (ahem, Kellie, Genny, TJ . . .).

For my daughter’s birthday, she received a toy coffee maker, complete with cups, saucers, spoons, and of course, coffee pot. When she opened the gift and revealed the contents, I busted out laughing. When she asked what was so funny, I told her, “Your friend’s mommy thinks she’s pretty funny. She knows me too well.” My daughter was thrilled (have I mentioned that she can identify Starbucks when we drive by, even the ones we’ve never visited?) and proceeded to make us all coffee.

I emailed my friend the next morning telling her how funny the gift was and thanking her for the gift (and the laugh!) She emailed me back, appreciating that I had found the humor, and the relaying the following conversation that occured between her and her 5-year-old son.

Son:  We’re going to M’s party?  What present did we get her?
Mom:  A pretend coffee maker.
Son:  Oh, does she like coffee just like her Mama?

Um, yes. My name is spaghettipie, and I’m addicted to coffee.


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