Sky Watch Friday

My friend Craver participates in this photo group each week, and I thought it would be fun to participate this week. Here’s my inaugural post of Sky Watch Friday. I took this photo last week while my husband and daughter rolled down our driveway in her red wagon. I loved the way the clouds looked against the blue, blue sky. Check out the link above for more amazing sky pictures.



  1. Mamma mia, that is a great entrance into the world of sky watchers, welcome! I joined only a few Fridays ago, and am utterly addicted, so many great skies from all over the world. 😉

    Love the colors in your pictures, and the movement of the clouds. The little white one, center right, reminds me of a ballerina, joining the dance of the witches, or such.

  2. This is a really beautiful picture! Welcome to Sky Watch. Hope you keep sending wonderful shots like this one.

    The picture on your header is adorable too.

  3. Your sky is breathtaking – what a fantastic debut to SWF posts. So glad to have you join us. I read through several more of your entries, and will be back. You have a great style and focus, and sense a positive spirit about you, despite your current family feud. Jesus didn’t worry about His reputation – even when people spat at him and called Him names. It’s not easy, but it is His example. Stay strong. And stay positive. See you on the blog!

  4. spaghettipie

    Wow – I’m overwhelmed with the warm welcome from the SWF community! Thanks a ton. I’ll definitely participate again.

    RFC – Thanks for your kinds words, and I’m glad that you found some other encouraging posts to read. I appreciate you stopping by!

    A – I know, right? Perhaps next picture I’ll post sausage crescent rolls in the sky . . .

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