Technology for Writers

Hi Friends!

I’m working on launching a new website and adding an ezine that focus on technology for writers. My focus is mainly online resources and tools, but I’ll occasionally include other pieces of technology that are available. I hope to overview and review tools and information that are available to writers and help writers prioritize using those tools in relation to the stage of their writing careers.

Here’s my question for you – would you be interested in this type of information, and what questions or thoughts do you have or think I should cover?



  1. I was just thinking that you needed more projects.

    Let’s see..anything on woodworking tools or metalworking tools is cool with me. Especially anything on handplanes, chisels, lathes, blacksmithing (especially swordsmithing, as that just fascinates me), and milling. Oh wait, you meant tools for writing, not writing about tools. Hmmm…not being glib here, now, but what kind of tools are available for writers? Like word processing programs and spell checkers? I suppose since I don’t know what types of tools are available that reviews/overviews and such would be useful. Hard to use the right tool for the job if you don’t know the tool exists.

  2. spaghettipie

    G – Thanks! I’ll let you know when it starts.
    MEH – (eletronic magazine) Thanks! Had a great time at the conference. Fortunately it wasn’t far away.
    M – Me, busy?
    Mike – Exactly my point. Many writers don’t know what tool to use because they don’t even know what exists!

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