Getting in touch with my inner-Tom Tom

One thing I love about my Tom Tom GPS system (well, besides the British voice that tells me when to get on the “motorway”) is its keen ability to recalculate my route when necessary. Missed an exit because I was jabbering on the phone? No problem. In a matter of seconds Tom Tom analyzes my current situation and redefines my route so that I can still get to my final destination. Took a wrong turn? Tom Tom knows when to tell me to turn around and when to take another path. Crazy traffic, road construction, bad weather . . . no matter what the new parameters are, Tom Tom can help me find my way.

On a very practical level, I realized the other day that I have an inner-Tom Tom. Each morning I plan out my day – what I hope to accomplish, where I need to go and when, who I need to see. But it never fails that at some point during the day something unexpected happens. A friend calls and needs to talk. Running errands takes longer than expected. Writer’s block (ugh!). When that happens, I can freak out because my schedule has run amuck, or I can tap into my inner-Tom Tom and recalculate my path. Life is so much less stressful when I can recalculate and move on, so I resolved to try to utilize that help more often than freaking out.

As is the way with many resolutions, a test came shortly after my decision: a family issue exploded all over the place, leaving carnage everywhere. My heart went through all of the emotions it could feel – frustration, anger, deep sadness, desperation . . . you name it. And I totally wanted to throw in the towel on the whole thing, relationship and all. I sent out a little SOS for prayer and tried to press on. By the end of the day, I came back to the exact same conclusion I had regarding my schedule. I could either take the new parameters, determine the best possible course, and press on. Or I could sulk and moan, and not really be of help or encouragement to anyone. With new determination and a reminder of my final destination, I allowed that inner-Tom Tom to work its magic.

I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.  Philippians 3:14

Do you ever use your inner-Tom Tom?



  1. T – glad to hear of some restored peace. This past week presented me with an opportunity to give up on a friendship or press on… I’m continuing to choose the latter, but it’s a pain in the rear. Will continue to pray for you as I continue to struggle on… although, isn’t it interesting that the hardest part is getting to the 2-second decision to press on? Once it’s determined I’m not throwing in the towel, doesn’t seem quite as daunting, even without improved circumstances.
    Hang in there!

  2. Tina,
    I love how you said to “allow your inner Tom-Tom to do its magic”! This was great, and thanks for the reminder to “press on”.

    Thanks also for stopping by and checking out “My One Month”. I look forward to reading what you write!

  3. Thanks for being an example of what it looks like to press on through a difficult relationship. I hope you find some delightful views as you navigate the new, unexpected route.

  4. Great analogy.

    Sure, I use it. Not always as much as I’d like. But then there are those great days when I’m recalculating all over the place. And the road seems smoother for it. : )

  5. spaghettipie

    TJ – You, too!

    M – Thanks a ton. I can’t wait to see you next week!

    G – Definitely still thinking about your project. Especially since I just watched the Bucket List as well.

    A – Oh, I’m not sure what kind of example I really am. But definitely some good is coming out of it all.

    LL – Always nice to see you here. I wonder why we don’t listen to it more often?

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