Quote of the Day

Our youth director was building a cross outside the church today while we were there. My daughter watched him from inside the lobby, and excitedly told me, “Look, mama! He’s building a cross!”

“Yes, honey, he is.”

“Is Jesus going to die on it?”

Thank goodness he only had to do that once, right? But what a sweet reminder to be thankful that he already did.



  1. Amen!! My daughter went through a stage in which she believed everyone who died died on a cross … Great-Grandma D, Great-Granny, my old dog …

  2. spaghettipie

    MEH – Believe it or not, it’s sometimes difficult for me to take the time to capitalize on those moments! They are such a gift from God, I hate that sometimes I think I’ll take the time later . . .
    JDL – Thanks so much for continuing to stop by! I’m so glad his grace does reach down.
    K – She’s had a heavenly father looking out for her, despite her teacher. . .
    T – That’s hilarious. Fortunately, we haven’t had to figure out how to explain that aspect.

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