Blast off

We had a busy weekend. Saturday morning I ran a 5K to raise money and awareness for our church’s global missions. Well, I didn’t physically “run” the race . . . I directed it. (But it sure is fun to play with the double meaning!) The whole event was a lot of fun, and we were completely finished by 10am!

Then, we headed over to spend the day with friends who were in town from San Francisco. This was their first trip home with their new little one, and we had a wonderful time catching up with them, as well as some other friends we don’t see very often.

While we were there, my daughter learned a new game this weekend with her daddy (thanks, Owen) called Blast Off. Needless to say, she takes every opportunity to get to play.

Perhaps the game was appropriate, since they also had a father-daughter date to the air show.

All in all, a very fun weekend.



  1. spaghettipie

    K – HA! You are too funny, silly friend.

    A – She is enthusiastic, indeed!

    M – Sad you guys missed it, too. Especially since it was your idea!

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