Writing Contest – Please Vote!

I had six wonderful entries in my writing contest. I’ve posted them all on this page for your reading convenience. Take a gander, and then come back here and vote for your favorite! Voting ended at 5pm CST this Friday, October 24. At stake is a $20 gift certificate.

And by an extremely narrow margin, DANIEL is our winner! Congratulations, Daniel. I’m going to shoot you an email so be on the lookout! Thanks to all of you who participated. I thought all the entries were great. Be on the look out for future contests!

#3 – same planet, different world by Daniel – 39%
#1 – I always knew he’d come back by LaTanya – 36%
#6 – Tonight will be the Night by BJ – 14%
#4 – Rhythms by Beth – 4%
#5 – Over again by Sarah – 3%
#2 – Miller Time by Mike – 3%

PS – I’m making this post stick to the top for now. Scroll down for the latest blog post.



  1. LOL. Okay, so why did I look at the post first, type my story and then look at the date! LOL!! I hope you get a kick out of my story anyway!

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