I’m the queen of procrastination. In fact, give me a deadline, or many times it won’t get done. It’s a good thing I stay up late at night because I gain those extra few precious hours between bedtime and daybreak. My husband and I joke about “windows.” They come into play when we’re doing something like watching TV and need to get up and clean the house. We set a target (usually on the 15 minute mark: 1:15, 1:30, etc). But if we’re not paying attention, and we miss the window, we have to wait until the next window (usually a new 15 minute mark).

As I have mentioned before, I’ve struggled with being displeased with my weight for quite some time. And in the past couple months, I’ve realized that part of it comes back to my issue with procrastination. I easily put off eating better or making wiser choices about food to tomorrow or the beginning of the week or . . . My mantra the past couple weeks has been “Deciding to do the right thing can start now.” Meaning, I don’t have to “start fresh” tomorrow morning. I can choose to change my habits right now.

The same principle applies to my spiritual health. I don’t need to wait until the next window of time or spiritual milestone to start taking action. I can always start right now. Feel like I need to do better praying? I can say a prayer right now. Know I need to spend more time in the Word? Read a passage now.

Of course some things really do have to wait until the next opportunity. But I’m always surprised at the number of things that can be started right now. If I at least begin with those, I’m pretty sure I’ll fill up the time quickly between now and the next window.

What are you putting off and can you do it now?



  1. I’m actually pretty good about not putting things off when they don’t have deadlines. When they do have deadlines, I do them last minute, but they get done by the deadline.
    Except for cleaning the house. That can always wait.

  2. spaghettipie

    LM -I do that all the time! And I even think to myself, “Well, I’ve already started eating these chips, I might as well make a better decision next time.” RATHER than just stopping eating the chips when I realized it! AH!

    H – Shoot, I’m supposed to clean the house, too??

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