Sky Watch Friday, Take 3

We went to the State Fair of Texas today and had a fun time. More on that later, but for now here are my contributions to Sky Watch Friday.

The Ferris Wheel at the State Fair stand 212 ft high, making it the highest in North America. The sky itself today was cloudy and overcast, but you sure get a good view. Maybe I should call these pictures “From the Sky Watch” . . .

Yea, my 3-year-old daughter didn’t even think about being scared. She’s been looking forward to riding the Ferris Wheel since last year . . .



  1. Laure

    just looking at the ferris wheel and my palms begin to sweat, my heart races. the firma the terra the better for me!!!!

  2. spaghettipie

    Thanks to all for stopping by!

    A – I tried to go take a photo of the moon that night, but at our house it was completely obscured by clouds!

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