2.5 Feet

That’s the distance between my daughter’s bed and the pull chain for the light on her ceiling fan.

. . .  and that’s the distance that she jumped to turn out said light the other night, in true Tarzan-style.

She and her friend were going to have a little “slumber party,” and my acrobatic child decided to turn out the light herself, rather than ask for help. We heard a small thump and went in to investigate just as she was running out of her room, partial pull-chain in hand. While I admired her ingenuity, of course, I was fairly concerned about her judgment.

Evidently her friend enjoyed telling the story to everyone she met the next day: “(My daughter) leaped from the bed into the air to turn out the light! But the light broke. And her mommy was not very happy.”

Ah, the joys of parenting!



  1. LOL! Awesome! I have a five-year old boy that continues to discover how much fun jumping off of things is, and I am wondering if I am crazy now for getting him a bunk bed recently… The (sort of) good news for is that now he doesn’t have to jump to get to the ceiling fan…

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