Sunday Morning Leftovers

Nearly every Sunday morning we attend church, spending time in worship, fellowship, and studying God’s word. But come Monday morning, church becomes a distant thought in the back of my mind as the week’s schedule and daily tasks begin to pile up.

I’m going to try to take Monday mornings to sift through what I learned from our worship service Sunday mornings (whether from the music, the fellowship, or the sermon itself), and meditate more on what stuck with me. For me, I think this will help me be more observant on Sunday mornings for what I can learn, as well as take some part of that learning a step deeper in thought and/or application.

At times I may just share pieces – quotes or Scripture or a sermon point; at other times (true to my personality), I may talk through my thoughts more. In the comments, I’d love for you to leave your Monday Morning Leftovers too – or maybe even link to a post of your own.

So from this Sunday, here are the points that I noted in my journal. To set the scene, our primary text was Romans 8:1-11. If you’re really interested, you can listen to the sermon online.

Bearing weary, stressed out, or fearful is a mirror to our soul. Having rest in our lives is a matter of relationship, not circumstance.

One of the biggest lies we believe is that “once this gets resolved” or “once this is over/settles down” then I’ll be okay.

Stress and busy-ness have become status symbols in our culture.

Being under “no condemnation” means that we live in freedom from living under the grid of “doing things right or doing things wrong,” shame and guilt, and having to measure up on our own. Paraphrased from Larry Crab, “God’s spirit is less concerned with telling us how to live our lives than he is with stirring – amid the difficult circumstances – a passion for Christ.”

“Have we come to a place where God can withdraw his blessing and it does not affect our trust in Him?” – Oswald Chambers

Those are the pieces that will stick with me at least throughout this week. I’d love to hear your reactions, or about your own Monday Morning Leftovers.



  1. I meant to look at my notes again last night, but what’s stuck with me is something Ted said about “nothing you’ve received is the result of something you’ve done.” I think it was within the context of blessings (e.g., you can’t earn a husband, kids, a great family, etc.). He also flipped that to show that sin can’t keep you from having those relationships. In other words, if God desires to bless you, He will. His grace flows abundantly in spite of what we do or don’t do.

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