Daylight Savings is a Rip-Off

When I was younger, I loved today because we received that “extra” hour of sleep. Oh, the satisfaction of waking up at my normal time of say, 7:30am, and realizing that it was only 6:30am! I could float around dream-land for a whole additional hour.

Fast-forward to being a parent of a toddler. Not only does the whole Daylight Savings thing wreak havoc on her sleep schedule, but I would go so far as to say that we lose two hours of sleep.

The first hour comes when my 3-year-old daughter, who unfortunately went to sleep unusually early tonight (boo!), will wake up tomorrow morning at her normal time: 7:30am. But because we “fell back,” my clock will read 6:30am. Since she has not yet been convinced of the exquisite joy of sleeping in (despite my best efforts), she will want to get up. And since she is only three, one unlucky parent will have to get up with her.

Which leads to the second hour of lost sleep. I don’t get to wake up at what used to be 7:30am, and realize that I can sleep an hour longer!*

So how are you coping with Daylight Savings this morning?

*Yes, I know what I’m talking about is really the same exact hour. It just feels like a bigger rip off than just one hour! 🙂



  1. I know. When the twins were little I HATED daylight savings! Not only did they wake up at their usual 6 a.m., which was really 5 a.m., going to church was a nightmare because at noon, which was now eleven, they were STARVING and ready for a nap.

    It used to take us a week to recover from it all.

    Fast forward a few years, though, and my boys are so excited to sleep in. 🙂 (The toddler will still be up, but he’s just a whole lot more flexible than my first two ever were…)

  2. I am getting ready to go participate in my 2nd Race for the Cure as a breast cancer survivor. I don’t know if the extra hour is what is fueling me or just the happiness that I get when I see all the pink. I am so excited!!! So, I am up and jolly 🙂

  3. I am with you on this. Having grown up in AZ (they don’t do DST) I had a difficult time adjusting to it while in TX. Of course I had no idea how much harder it would get while having infants and toddlers!

    The good news is that the kids now adjust much more quickly (although they don’t like that it gets dark so early!)

    I, on the other, don’t adjust so quickly. I have difficulty sleeping and changing the schedule is hard! By the time I get the new schedule down, it’s time to change again!


  4. I’m not convinced that there was an extra hour last night because I stayed up really late watching the Tech v. Texas game and am feeling it today.

  5. Oh yes — my hubby and I were just talking about the same thing. Our girls were running around this morning at 6:30 a.m., and we had even tried to put them to bed later so we could all sleep in! But no ….

  6. Can’t you put her in the backyard with the dog for an hour while y’all sleep in? She’ll be alright, right? (*)

    Oh, and wasn’t the Tech-TU game awesome? Not only did the evil tea sippers lose, which is reason enough to watch any football game, but it was a great game that went right down to the wire!

    * Now I don’t have to worry about being asked to babysit, do I? 🙂

  7. spaghettipie

    LM – you give me hope!

    TT -I didn’t know you were a breast cancer survivor! How was the walk?

    K – That’s got to be even stranger to be in a state that doesn’t practice DLS!

    A – Ah, you’ve already lost track of your extra hour. What a shame! 🙂

    H – Oooh, I would not be a happy camper. Not nice, Mr. Goodman. Not nice.

    JDL – It never works out that way, does it??

    M – You’re funny. We could care less about who won that game, so you’re still on the list . . .

    T – Cruel indeed.

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