Halloween Recap

Here are my three favorite moments from Halloween this past Friday.

#1 – As I mentioned in the comments on a previous post, my daughter was super-excited about Halloween but hadn’t caught on yet to the whole candy aspect of the holiday. During the afternoon, I let her dress up in her costume, and I pulled her in her wagon while we delivered a few “treats” to some of our neighbors. As to be expected, at each house my daughter was also given some candy in return. She examined her latest generous offering of loot during our walk to the fourth and final stop, when suddenly she looked up at me and said, “Mommy?”
“Yes, honey?”
“Are they going to give us candy at every house we go to?”
“Yes, honey. That’s what happens on Halloween.”
And so the pieces all fell into place . . .

#2 – My mother-in-law recently had foot surgery and is still primarily using a wheelchair to get around. We stopped by their house to say hello. My daughter ran inside and found my mother-in-law dressed in a witch costume sitting in her wheelchair. My child promptly looked at her and said, “Are you a sick witch?” And “sick witch” became her name for the rest of the evening: “Where’s the sick witch?” “Come on, sick witch!” “Let’s get some candy, sick witch!”

#3 – At our church’s Trunk or Treat they had one of those huge blow up, bounce house obstacle courses that ended in a gigantic slide. Of course my little cherub wanted to slide down, so she and her daddy raced through. I waited at the end, poised at the bottom of the slide to take a picture. I snapped the photo as they slid down, but when I reviewed the shot, let’s just say I realized I was not at a very good angle to take a picture of my child in her dress flying down a slide, legs flailing (I won’t be posting those pictures, if you catch my drift). A male friend of mine was manning that end of the bounce house, and we joked about the misfortune of the moment I happened to capture. I took one more photo of a friend’s child sliding down in her princess dress and had the same problem. My friend and I laughed about the same inappropriate shot, until he suddenly said, “Hey, wait . . . now I’m starting to feel a little awkward. People are probably saying, ‘Hey, wait a second . . . Why did <my friend, who shall remain nameless> volunteer to stand down there at the end of the slide?’ ” To which I laughed hysterically and threatened to post the conversation on my blog*.

Okay, what were your favorite Halloween moments?

*I did, in fact, later ask his permission to post the story . . .



  1. So fun!! My favorite moment was after the trick-or-treating when the neighbor kids and a bunch of friends all piled into our house and the kids did a massive “candy swap” on our living room floor. It was like the New York Stock Exchange. “I’ll give you three Reese’s Peanut butter cups for one skittles!” “Who wants whoppers?”

    And one sweet boy who kept bringing me his Heath bars when he found out they were my favorite.

    Sweet memories!!

  2. We had a block party at our house with a popcorn machine, a cotton candy machine, some games, and a dunking booth.

    I was in the dunking booth for two and half hours.

    The best part was when my daughter and son both got to dunk me!

  3. spaghettipie

    LM – A candy swap meet? That’s fun. Can’t wait for that! (Sweet memories – pun intended? 🙂 )

    MG – I love that idea. Our neighbors go over the top in decorating, and we’ve thought about running some games in our yard too. Maybe next year . . .

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