Sunday Morning Leftovers

Well, it’s really Tuesday morning (earrrrrrly), but here’s my thought from yesterday:

We spent all weekend helping my daughter fight asthma coughs, which meant lots of nebulizer treatments and OTC medicine and little uninterrupted sleep. Oh, and a couple cough-’til-she-puked episodes. We decided to stay home from church Sunday morning to rest and stay on top of the coughing.

What struck me is how easy it would be to skip church every Sunday. We had a whole extra day to ourselves. We slept in and lazed around in our pajamas for a while. The fleeting thought occured to me that I could get used to this.

Attending church requires commitment. Being a part of the community is a choice demands my involvement. I don’t always feel like getting up and going to church, but I need to go there. Even though we like to talk about our “personal” faith, we were designed to be a part of the Body – to live in community.

I hope my daughter wants to go to church, but I’m realizing why so many parents make it non-negotiable. Being there is important. And not just to us, but to others in the community as well. We don’t always need to go to church, per se, but perhaps someone else does need us to be there.

Anyway, just some leftover thoughts. How about you?

Read Tanya Dennis’s reflections here.



  1. my grandmother raised me so going to church was non-negotiable. when i went off to college, the decision to go to church was instilled in me. now if i miss a sunday, i feel so disconnected. i love going to church and just experiencing the sermon that God through my pastor has prepared for me!

  2. There are benefits to being raised Catholic. Going to mass is a required sacrament. My husband was raised that attendance is not a choice; you have to go and you have to go every single week, if not more. Even though he hasn’t been part of a Catholic church in years, that training (a.k.a. “guilt”) kicks in every Sunday.

    I was raised differently. Attendance was definitely important, but “if you’re gonna be late, don’t even bother showing up.” (As a result we were often really, really early. 🙂 ) So, I love going to church, but I don’t feel guilty when I miss it. Perhaps because I see much of the same community throughout the week.

  3. amandarowe

    We go on Saturday nights, which gives us that long, leisurely Sunday off. Quite nice. But even so, the temptation to stay home is sometimes strong. We missed a Saturday several weeks ago, which made it easier to miss the following Saturday when we knew we were going to be late, and by the third week, I was dragging my feet. I really didn’t feel like going to church anymore. All that to say, I can relate (also on the interrrupted sleep, as you know). I’m so sorry about M’s asthma; that sounds horrible.

  4. I’m in a really interesting place right now. I’m actually taking a break from church.

    I know. Don’t stone me. Let me explain…

    I’m working through some really tough issues that have to do with spiritual abuse in my past, and found that going to church was making me really angry.

    Taking some time away has been so good for my relationship with God.

    I feel like I’m finally starting to see that G0d’s love for me is not conditional on anything I do…even church attendance. I’m finally starting to separate his grace from a building full of people who have hurt me.

    This is a good thing.

    (And I should add that I DO plan to go back, and I am still living in Christian community…just not doing the Sunday morning church thing.)

  5. spaghettipie

    All – I love hearing each of your perspectives. I think you have to be careful with church becoming a legalistic, check-off-the-box activity. I certainly don’t mean that. And LM, I think taking time off when you feel lead to do so and for a purpose IS a good thing. What concerns me is the number of people who see church as “optional” (and who progressively “opt” to stay home). I see how I could become one of those people, but it would be for selfish, lazy reasons.

    Anyway, you all raise some great additional insights to ponder. Thanks for commenting!

  6. marie

    Hi Tina! I am kind of late on the comment, but just catching up on my blog reading. Your post touches on a major part of my past that was truly a turning point for our family.

    I was raised that a contagious illness of some sort was the only valid reason to miss church. Fortunately, I also enjoyed the church we attended and the ministries they provided so it was a very positive experience. I can’t imagine the pain involved with those who have been deeply wounded by mistakes within the church body. I haven’t personally had that kind of challenge to work through.

    But the the test for me came when D and I were married and out on our own in a different state and up to our ears in law school and parenting, etc. We couldn’t find a church we “connected” with immediately and so it was very easy to just not go at all.

    To put it simply, our spiritual life suffered. So much so that God eventually stepped in (after 6 months of taking Sundays off) and “disciplined” us in such a loving and drastic way that we knew we needed to get back into a community of believers regardless of whether or not it was our “ideal”. We did, and God has blessed us spiritually beyond our wildest dreams from that point on! This was a turning point for us. And honestly, we never completely connected with that church, which was a different denomination we had ever attended before or have since. But they preached the Word and there were several loving people there. It was exactly what we needed at that point in time.

    The fact that my parents had required regular church attendance in my childhood didn’t keep me from making the mistake in my adulthood. But I believe God used it to help me recognize my mistake faster then perhaps I would have otherwise.

    Thanks for running that post and being so transparent with the struggles we all feel at various points in our lives. And sorry for such a terribly long comment! Hope your girly is feeling better!! And how is Irie. You need to post about her sometime so I can let Truck know!!

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