Sunday Morning Leftovers


We had our annual Thanksgiving reflection service yesterday, and we spent the service reflecting on God’s character. Oddly enough the thought that I’m continuing to ponder is not necessarily related to his character, but a question our pastor had us consider.

Through journaling the answer to “Who am I?” I jotted this down: “creatively express my heart.” Meaning, that desire is a part of who I am. Or maybe that I most reveal who I am (for real) when I am able to creatively express my heart. Or that creatively expressing my heart is a high value. Or all of the above.

I’ve known I like to be creative, but somehow writing that phrase down has shed new light on myself. So, that’s what I’m still pondering from the “sermon.”

At my supper club Sunday night, we also had a discussion about vulnerability and authenticity – what that really means, what it looks like, and how to do it. We all have different sides of ourselves that we show in different situations. The “work” me is slightly different than the “mommy” me is slightly different than the “friend” me. Does that mean I’m not authentic? I don’t reveal the true me to everyone? Or are all those pieces really parts of me, so seeing a picture of them all together reveals the true me? And what is the goal – that everyone knows all the pieces OR that we find the one “true” piece, and that’s what we show when we are being authentic?

Anyway, I’m still pondering those two insights this week. How about you guys?


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  1. I’ve struggled with the “parts of me” discussion, but in relation to time rather than situation. The “college me” was much braver, bolder and more adventureous. The “high school me” was more visible and spontaneous. Have I lost the “real” me as I’ve gotten older? Have I sacrificed my personalitity in name of compromise or submission? Or has this time and stage of my life required me to evolve into something different? Is this me more mature than that me?

    A certain worship song helps me combat these battles. It says “My god He was, my god He is, my god He’s always gonna be.” In other words, the same God who led me then is leading me now. As long as I stay close to Him, following His lead, I needn’t ponder which parts of me are better or more important. The path He has just takes different turns.

    This Sunday we had baptisms. I’ve got some leftovers too, which I’ll post later this week. Happy Tuesday to you!

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