A Creative Child

My daughter blows me away all the time. I’ve recently been amazed by the amount of creativity she has flowing in her little brain. She is really into making up words, telling stories, and pretending. Here’s a snapshot of our life:

  • Her teachers have begun fact-checking with me almost every day when I pick her up. Does she have any brothers or sisters? Do you have a cat? Have you been to outer space lately?
  • She turned on a Cedarmont Kids CD and was singing along with the music while I washed dishes. At some point, I no longer heard her singing, so I looked up to see what she was doing. When I glanced into the living room, I saw her standing in the exact same spot, LIP SYNCING away (and with quite a bit of enthusiasm, I might add!) Really? How do they know how to do that so young?
  • She announced the other day that we all needed to come into the living room to play the stinkpot game. After much prodding, she finally revealed that the stinkpot game involved jumping off of the couch, over an inner-tube (aka the stinkpot) onto the floor.
  • At a friend’s house, she cooked up “Anger in a Cup”Β  . . . in case you want the recipe, put one sour green Starburst in a cup, add a little water, and swirl around until you have a sticky green liquid.
  • The other night when I told her it was time to get ready for bed, she told me, “Yea. I need to get pajama-ed up.”

And then, there are the things that just plain make me laugh.

  • Instead of saying “All Aboard!” she exclaims, “On the Board.”
  • Jamba Juice is “Pajama Juice”
  • M&M’s are MOMs. (And no, I have not been telling her that they are mine . . .)
  • A “woodpecker” is also known as a “Bird Necker”
  • Sometimes she tells me, “I need you to help me calm down.”
  • In response to me telling her she needed to get the wiggles out, she cried, “Nooooo, I need to keep the wiggles in!”
  • Her keen observation one day after visiting her grandmother after a recent foot surgery: “Gee has a hurt foot. Nana (her great-grandmother) is just slow.”
  • While playing hide-and-seek, I was told to count. “What do I count to?” I asked. Her reply? “I don’t know, but I’ve gotta hide!”

For other things that moms love, check out my friend Tanya’s Mama Loves writing project. You might want to add your own!



  1. OH. These are great. I don’t have kids, but I really enjoy reading about things like this. It cracks me up. Your kid seems very creative…might you have a writer on your hands soon?? πŸ™‚

  2. spaghettipie

    All – Thanks so much for stopping by. She definitely keeps us on our toes, and sometimes I have a hard time disciplining her instead of just laughing.

    MR – I love that phrase! I’ve called her a pip a couple times since you commented.

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