The Michelin Man is Coming to Town

At my friend Jeanne‘s book signing party, someone asked my daughter if Santa is going to come visit her house at Christmas. Without a beat, she replied, “No, the Michelin Man is coming.”



  1. Better a smart aleck than a dumb one, I always say.

    Of course, The Mister, having lived with an aleck of the smart kind for thirteen + years, might beg to differ.

    I’m glad you are writing all this things down. She is hysterical!

  2. spaghettipie

    K – She is a smarty pants, that one. The funny thing, though? I think she’s serious about this one. Now she’s telling us we have to get ready for Santa and the Michelin Man. I have no idea how this child gets some things into her brain!

    LL – Me too. 🙂

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