Extreme Makeover – Day 4

Hooray! I have some photos approved that I can post for you.

When I arrived onsite today, the place looked radically different. They poured the foundation at 2:10am this morning, and by 7:00am they began framing the house. When I arrived around 10am, almost all of the bottom floor was framed, and workers were beginning to put up the trusses for the second floor. Wow!

Texas Ranger pitcher Kevin Millwood stopped by for a bit. He did his obligatory photos, but then stayed six more hours on his own to work! What a trooper and a genuinely nice guy. I got to meet him through my husband, and I felt a little silly that I didn’t know who he was.

Next to Kevin is Steve Wall, the founder and CEO of Wall Homes, the builder.

I met Peter’s father Mike this afternoon and really enjoyed chatting with him. He felt so tickled to wear his hard hat and do a little work on his son’s new home. He also built a couple of the little footbridges workers are using to get across a small ditch full of water. Below is Mike getting a personal tour of the site.

I also promised to share a story about Amber’s family today, which has been my favorite story so far. Yesterday I stood with Amber’s mom Harriet while the crew demolished the house. She gave me the play by play of each part of the house they were taking out, sometimes adding a special memory attached. As to be expected, she was full of mixed emotions.

We walked together up to the street for a better view, when two men came and stopped nearby. They had no idea who either of us were. We chatted about the show (they tried to explain to us what happens on the show) and one of them mentioned that he used to live in the house next door. Then, the other man turned and looked Amber’s mom straight in the eye and said, “I live in the trailer park nearby. You know, the family who lived here? They really deserve this. They really do.”

Oh, I wish I could have captured the look on Harriet’s face! She clutched her heart and touched his arm and explained, “That’s my daughter. You’re talking about my daughter. Thank you so much.” I tear up every time I retell that story. Perfect strangers. What a testimony not only to the family, but to the mood of the whole project. Gratefulness. Appreciation for people who are trying to make a difference. Community. What a beautiful moment to witness!

(Don’t worry. That pile of flooring raised up to the second floor by a forklift is not actually over the crew leader’s head. But I guess that is why they make everyone wear hard hats!)

Lastly, a question: Who is missing from this picture?

If you live in the DFW area, it’s YOU! Seriously, friends. If you can make it up to the site, I highly recommend it. Go to the Wall Homes website (I made it easy for you; all you have to do is click!) and grab the directions. You can come at any time during the day and stand right across the street and watch. Bring your camera and take photos. Ironically, you have way less restrictions than I do! When are you going to have the opportunity to do this again? And if I’m there (and chances are I will be), I’ll take your picture to document the moment for you. 🙂

I’m doing some night shots with my friend Rhonda tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the Wall website for more photos from all the photographers (check out Don’s cool fish eye lens!) What talent! I’m still amazed at each of the photos.



  1. D'Ann Mateer

    Thanks for the report! I, too, teared up at your story! What an amazing thing to participate in! And I love hearing stories of celebrities that go above and beyond without the need of cameras capturing and reporting all their efforts.

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