Extreme Makeover – Days 5 & 6

Wow, the last three days have flown by.

Rhonda and I took a few night shots on Friday evening. You can see how far the house had come in just a couple days.

Here are a few fun/interesting things to note:

1) The people walking around talking to themselves . . . are really talking into their super-cool Secret Service looking headsets. And you know they’re really important when you see them carrying an Aventi coffee cup in one hand, and a red bull in the other.
2) I love how easy it is to talk to, well, anyone. And you know what? All the volunteers are still happy to be there!
3) Ronald McDonald is kind of a smarty-pants. (You know what I really wanted to say here). And his voice is way deeper than you’d expect. Today my daughter asked me where “that crazy guy” is. Once I figured out she was talking about good ole Ronald, I had to explain to her that he does not live at the job site . . . he lives at McDonalds. (what was I supposed to say??)

4) The Design Team? They are as beautiful in person as they appear on tv (if not better looking), and they all seem to be really nice. I appreciated the time they took today greeting spectators and volunteers.Β  Tracy Hutson just walked up to me while I was in the house and chit-chatted like it was no big deal!
5) The old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute” is absolutely true. We started the week at a whopping 26 degrees. Today, we hit about 72 degrees. And tomorrow morning, wind chill is supposed to bring us down into the teens. AGH! It’s no wonder I think I’m beginning to fight off a cold.
6) Wind on a construction site is not fun for a) cameras or b) people. I’m pretty sure I was covered from head to toe in a fine layer of dust in about the first ten minutes. At one point, I could feel grit between my teeth.

Okay, I’m off to bed. It will be a long, but really fun day tomorrow. I’ll post the pictures from today (hopefully) tomorrow afternoon. For the rest of the photos taken on the site, visit Wall Homes.

And if you are in the area, come for the once in a lifetime chance to yell “Move that Bus!” around 12:30-1:00ish.



  1. Wait. Little Pie knew the Michelin Man but not Ronald McDonald? How is that possible? πŸ™‚

    I still not feeling well so I’m not going to head out to the site, but I wish I could. I’ve often wondered what really went on on the construction end when I watch the show. For example, I’d love to have seen how they finished the concrete, and what they used as a hardener! And the demo! Did they salvage anything from the old house either for the new house or for someone else, or was it all just a orgy of destruction and chaos with a bulldozer or backhoe? Or some sort of middle ground which is not as cool/fun sounding?

    Also why did their old house flood, and how did they make it so that it does not flood the new house? Was it a burst watermain or an overflowing creek/river? Clogged storm drain and flash flood? Is this the same family they showed on the news the other day where their whole back yard was gone into the creek behind the house? If this was on the Wall Homes site I didn’t see it.

    Another also: hope you are bundled up tight! It is freeeeeeeeezin out there today.

  2. Did you know Willard Scott was the original Ronald McDonald? Random trivia for you.

    I’m am so excited you get to be part of this!! It is so cool, something you’ll talk about for years, I’m sure. I wish we were closer and could drop by. What a great thing!

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