A True Vacation

(Whoops! Thought I posted this yesterday, but I guess it was just a draft)

Last week we snuck out of town for a great vacation of . . . nothing. As I’ve told several friends, we enjoyed going to a place where limited options of things to do because we didn’t feel the pressure of trying to get everything in. We had “Eva Twinkies” (aka Hostess Ding Dongs), which we’ve tried to convince my daughter are only good in Arkansas. The Lazy Boy chair in the living room became the “Lazy Girl” chair when my daughter and I sat in it together. The luggage cart who lived outside the elevators on the bottom floor was affectionately dubbed “Snail Go.” Of course, we ended up using that cart to haul up everything from our stuff to groceries to our daughter to handfuls of rocks. 🙂

Here are a few pics from our time there.

This is the view from where we stayed. The water was so STILL that morning.

Closet that doubled as a treehouse?

Of course, we went to the top!

Our good friend, Snail Go. We had to say hello every time we came and went. Sometimes my daughter even brought “presents” of rocks.

A little family self-portrait by the lake.



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