A Whale of a Tale

Driving home from school today, my daughter told me she learned about Jonah and the whale. I asked her how the story went, and this is what I heard.

There were two whales: a baby whale and a mommy whale. The baby whale ate a baby Jonah. The mommy whale ate a mommy Jonah. The whales were girls. They were starving. They didn’t want to spit Jonah out. They were a little angry.

They ate some crabs.

They ate a seagull, too.

The crabs and seagull went way down into the whale’s belly. There was a tree and some dirt in there, too. Whales love dirt. The crabs peeked out of their mouths and saw a sting ray coming toward them. The whale ate the sting ray too. There were lots of sea animals in the whale with Jonah because the whales were hungry.

The moral of the story? People shouldn’t poke a whale with their bathing suits on because the whale will whack you with its flipper.



  1. amandarowe

    It reminds me of our trip to South Africa, when all Trent wanted was to see a great white shark eat a penguin.

  2. spaghettipie

    TD, LM – Glad to bring a laugh to your day!
    K – He is mysterious, isn’t he? 🙂
    S – Thanks for stopping by!
    H – Ha! Yes, she’s training to be a Christian clown!
    C – You know what they say, “Out of the mouth of babes . . .”
    AR – I forgot about that! Totally cracks me up to think about that mild white shark/penguin obsession.
    MD – See note to Heather! 🙂
    M – I’m pretty sure she did. The original story was MUCH longer. I took some editorial liberties to make it fit into a blog post!

  3. Sars

    I hate to tell you this, but she’ll probably sell way more books than you. . . by the time she’s six. 🙂 Maybe she’ll let you write her foreward.

  4. From now on, when a young couple tells me they don’t plan to have kids, I’m sending them to your blog. Access to a child’s imagination is far more rewarding than any stuffy career.

  5. Just checkin’ in. I thought maybe my blog reader had somehow dropped you…

    So glad to see that it hasn’t…you’ve just been MIA. I’m assuming your up to your eyeballs in life. Hope you are doing well!

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