Quotes of the Day

Fun quotes heard recently around our home:

“Mom, I think there’s a dead marshmallow with a plant growing in it!” (Turns out, it was a tulip bulb starting to sprout. I explained that to her, and then came the next quote a few days later . . .)

Looking into the planter in the backyard, “Mom, have the light bulbs grown yet?”

Me: “Hey, I heard you learned animal names in Spanish today. How do you say bunny in Spanish?”
Daughter (without hesitation): “Rabbit.”

While holding a few-days-old baby who fell asleep: “Mom, is he turned off?”

After being told to apologize to the dog, she gave the dog a big hug, held the dog’s face in her hands, and told the dog she was sorry. The dog then gave her a huge lick across the face, to which I said, “Oh, see? She forgives you.” As my daughter wiped her face, she said, “Well, her forgiveness is awfully slobbery!”

While jumping up and down on the couch (I know, I know!) to some music, she looked at me and proclaimed, “Mom, I’m a rock and roll kid!” (I have NO idea where that came from . . . )



  1. The favorite from my son when he was real young was looking at a sleeping comic strip figure and proclaiming, “He’s dreaming about Z’s”

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