Addicted to Doing

I’m a hard core do-er. I get things done . . . a lot of things. My life motto has been “better busy than bored.” You could even say I’m “known” as a girl who needs little sleep and takes on (and for the most part, does well) several major projects at one time.

And I like it.

About a month ago the Lord convicted me with that I was addicted to it.


He showed me that all of my doing boiled down to two motivations: 1) my identity as a “do-er” and 2) the approval of man for all my doing. In a sense, “doing” had become an idol in my life, rather than an outpouring of my love for him manifesting itself in action. I liked being known for being a go-to girl who could juggle work, family, God, friends, and extra projects. I would act humble when people praised me for all that I could do, but inside my heart bursted with pride. I was proud of what I could do. No need to jump in God, I’d reassure him (?!),  I can handle the to-do list. If you just bless what I do, that’d be great. (yikes!)

And in the stillness of my heart, he asked me, What if I took away your ability to get so much done? What would remain? What would you have left?

I’m sure you can guess what my answer was . . . nothing. So I’ve begun walking a little more slowly and a little more intentionally through life. I want my work to be an overflow of my love for him and nothing else.

Oh, I’m still a do-er. That’s how I’m wired. I don’t imagine the activity level in my life will change much. But my heart already has. And that makes all the difference.

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  1. I’ve had this struggle at different times in my life: first when I graduated from seminary, watched my friends enter into amazing ministries, and sat empty working the front desk of a doctor’s office. At the time, I read Jeanne Guyon and learned so much about resting in God and worshiping him, even when he felt distant (which he sometimes does to grow us).
    Second time: right now in my life. He keeps stripping. I feel rejected. Doesn’t God want to use me? But I realize that mixed in with my good motivations to serve him are my bad motivations to do something for him.
    My struggle is different from yours: I don’t like to be busy (anymore, I should add). I don’t like multi-tasking (anymore), but the heart is the same.

  2. marie

    How very brave of you to publicly admit what so many of us would just love to keep our own little secret. Are you going to start an addiction group? Hi, I am ___ and I am a do-er. It would be a huge hit in Christian circles!

  3. Boy, I was just pondering this very character trait in myself recently. I, too, felt sort of convicted. For me, it expresses itself with nervous wonder of what type of debilitated elderly or sick person I will make? I’m not vain from a physical appearance standpoint; no, it’s more the manic drive to be relevant and useful.

  4. I see myself there, between the lines of your own writing. I, too, have cut back, said “no”, and prioritized. A wise friend told me that I was doing lots of “good” things, but I would be wise to do only the best things. I couldn’t do 1,000 things all to the glory of God. I knew that I could only do a few things well. … Posts like yours remind me of what God has been speaking to my own heart.

  5. spaghettipie

    All – Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. It’s be an amazing, refining, revealing time. I can’t wait to share more with you about it.

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