Holy Socks

holey-socksI pulled on a pair of socks the other day, only to find a nice, big hole in the toe. Now,  a couple years ago I would’ve pulled those socks off (because I didn’t want to wear them) and stuck them back in the drawer . . . just in case. I mean, you never know when you might run out of all your good, hole-less socks and have no other option but to wear the more religious ones. I figured that sooner or later I’d get around to buying more socks, and then I could get rid of the ones with holes.

But you know what? Sooner or later never came because I didn’t realize my need for new socks . . . I had a whole drawer full!

Finally after going through several pairs of socks one day, I understood my dilemma. I needed to begin throwing away the holey socks so I could see what viable socks I had left. The same principle applies to spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Sometimes you have to just have to get in there and start throwing stuff out so you can see what you really have.

As I’ve been going through Lent, focusing on this theme of cleansing, I’ve been finding lots of holey socks. I’ve been putting those issues that need to be addressed back in the drawer (to deal with when I’m less busy or more ready or . . . or . . . or . . .), and I no longer recognized how many areas in my life needed cleaning out. It’s been difficult to face some of the ugliness I’m finding and to realize what little I actually have left after sorting through some of this stuff, but it’s also freeing at the same time. I’m starting to feel a little lighter, and I’m excited about the new socks that I’ll have room to add.

How about you? Got any holey socks?



  1. Great article! My goal is to keep working at having less holey socks. Trying to look at them all at once can be overwhelmning! There are some that may take a lifetime to get rid of and some need to be mended instead of thrown away. Thankfully we have a Divine Helper!

  2. spaghettipie

    LM – Glad to see you! And don’t we all have too many holey socks?
    NB – Thanks so much for stopping by. And you make some great points. The immediate answer may not always be to get rid of the holey socks.
    BC – I hope you have some socks left!
    TJ – 🙂 Can’t wait to TALK to you tomorrow.

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