The Artist

My daughter has moved into the realm of being able to draw some semblance of people. She took great pride in drawing and explaining to me the following series of pictures. Of course, the writing on these is mine, but everything else is hers alone. The only prompting I did was to ask who it was if she hadn’t already told me. Don’t take my comments about each picture as critique – I’m really proud of her drawings. I just think they’re funny, too.

The first in the series was a family portrait, complete with fish in his bowl. I’m not really sure why my face looks so sad! And the dog’s tail is definitely not drawn to scale!

Next, she drew my parents along with their six-legged (!!) cat. And the extra dots on the cat are not more eyes . . . the outside dots represented ears. And she was adamant to make sure I knew that boys were brown and girls were purple. Even though the rest of her pictures did not follow this strict color scheme.

She then drew one of her very best friends and his family. But I guess their baby girl hasn’t quite made it to full recognizable status, even though their three-legged dog does (or maybe it was two legged plus a tail?)

And then she decided to draw one of her favorite people in the world, Mr. Ben. I can’t even believe a 3-year-old can flirt . . . but she does. The “band-aid” is a cast in reality. Maybe she’s trying to say, “Suck it up, Mr. Ben. It’s not really that bad.” I think she was originally going to draw herself into the picture, but when I asked her who the person on the right was, she decided it would be Mr. Ben’s wife.

Finally, she drew the following picture. I’m pretty sure she had a specific person in mind, but I’ll be kind and not call him out. Besides, I’m sure Katie will stop by and throw him under the bus anyway. 🙂 When I asked her who was in the picture, her reply was “That crazy guy. He doesn’t have a wife yet.” Maybe he doesn’t have a wife because his legs protrude directly from his face. . .



  1. These are great. Zach hasn’t gotten into this yet, but Ellie’s all over it. She’s getting really good! She always draws with “boy hair” and a “T” necklace so that everyone knows who I am. I love the details they choose to highlight.

  2. Grampa

    Though I’m your father, and the “Grampa” in the second picture, I can assure you that it is with total objectivity that I make the pronouncement that your these drawings are officially the best in the world!
    They are rivaled, of course, only by yours at that age.

  3. Oh my word. So funny to read this with Ben and Mr. Crazy guy in the room. We all laughed forever. Thank you M for making my day great!

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